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The 12 Bags of Crapmas

by Sam Kemmis

You may think that Daft Punk was the first to create a hit song by repeating the same phrase over and over and over again, but in fact this tradition extends back to the time of the olde English troubadours and their ear-worming Twelve Days Of Christmas.

Even today, few can hear the opening chords of the Twelve Days without hurriedly reaching for the "skip" button -- testament to the song's enduring insufferability. And in this spirit we are cramming our ever-popular and never-worth-it Bags of Crap with yuletide specialties this December.

Just watch for new videos on (popping up at midnight CST), type in the URL contained therein, and whisk yourself away on a Nutcracker-esque journey of disappointment and frustration. 

Those lucky few who get a bag in their clutches are exhorted to proclaim their victory in this forum thread, and the throngs who do not are exhorted to enjoy the nu-harpsichordal stylings of the Woot Historical Musick Department.

Happy Holidays, crap-lovers!