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The Art of Cart: Your Guide to the New Woot Shopping Cart!

by Sean Adams

There's more stuff for sale on Woot than ever before, so much more that it's silly that you have to click through three screens to buy one thing, and then turn around and click through those same three screens again to buy something else. That's why we're breaking NEW GROUND (and doing what every online store already does)! We're adding a Shopping Cart!

If you're a pro at online shopping, this whole thing will be pretty intuitive, so you might want to skip down to the Quirks section. For those of you that have never used a shopping cart system (all 6 of you), we've got you covered! Check it!

The Basics

Add to Cart
Here's how it works: on the main page of any Woot site, you'll click "I Want One" like you always you have, but once you get to the product page, instead of clicking "Buy Now," you'll see a button for "Add to Cart." The same goes for individual items in a Woot Plus sale.

Mini Cart!
Hover over this and it'll bring up your Mini Cart, showing the stuff that's currently in your cart and giving you the option to check out. If you're all done shopping or you're worried about missing out on something (more on this down the page!), go ahead. If not, simply navigate away and keep browsing. Just be careful the items in your cart don't sell out or go away while you're not paying attention (again, more on this down the page)!

Change Quantity
To take something out of your cart or adjust the quantity on an item, it's easy: click the shopping cart icon in the corner of your screen to go to the main Shopping Cart page. From here you can click "remove" under an item to get rid of it, or select a different amount on the quantity menu off to the side.


This is all well and good, but Woot isn't like every other online store. Likewise, our shopping cart isn't like every other store's shopping cart. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Stuff in your cart isn't really yours until you check out. The deal can still sell out or expire (and move to the sad "Stuff You Missed" section of your cart). So if you want to keep the ravenous Woot mob from yanking that item out from underneath you, don't wait too long to finish your order. And if the I WANT ONE button is pulsing, run like hell for the checkout!

2. Real talk: we only ever had that $5 All You Can Ship in a Day promotion going because we didn't have a shopping cart. So now that we have a shopping cart, we're getting rid of it. Standard shipping is now $5 per order — just get all your stuff in one order, and it's basically the same thing.

3. How does this affect Woot-Offs? Well, you'll have to stay on your toes. Stuff is going to sell out and sell out quickly, so you'll want to check out as soon as you can. Yes, that means you'll pay for shipping more than once if you end up buying more than one item, but the truth is we sell stuff at such stupid low prices in the Woot-Off that you're still getting a good deal.

4. We kept the cart pretty simple. That means there's some stuff you can't do: you can't ship to multiple addresses in a single order, you can't use multiple coupon codes on a single purchase, and you can't pay for your stuff with multiple credit cards. However, you can tell us you love us as many times as you want (but starting at even once would SURE BE NICE! *cries*)

At any rate, we think this is a big step forward, and, if our calculations are correct, it should save the average Wooter 37 years over the course of his or her lifetime that he or she would otherwise spend clicking through purchase screens for each individual item you buy*!

Hugs and kisses,

*Calculations based on the assumption that the average Woot user purchases 392 items each day.