The Blogs We're Not Posting Until Reddit is Back Up

by Team Chuckle!

It's a tough game, internet copywriting. You've got to generate content that's scintillating, or at the very least divisive, so that people will comment on it, tell their friends about it, and thereby lure more people to your site. Which is why we love sites like Reddit, where users can post OUR stuff that they find interesting or funny or just stupid, and drive more traffic our way (the traffic spreadsheets helpfully omit the percentage of people stopping by just to tell us we suck). There's a trick to finding just the right message to strike the chords of the message board just right so it's shared, upvoted, and goes viral enough that you start to attract internet hipsters saying they're sick of it three hours after it first went up. Some would call it pandering; we prefer to think of it as targeting the demographic. With pandering.

But when something terrible happens and Reddit goes down, we're faced with a conundrum. If we post our content and it's super awesome, no one's going to know about it because they can't share it. So until those poor guys and gals can log back in and start sharing our stuff again, we're withholding any and all blog posts. But just so you know what's coming down the pipes, here's a glimpse at our editorial calendar:

Look for these posts coming soon to this very blog! Just as soon as we can get people to link to them somewhere else.