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The Crapword Puzzle 2

by Sam Kemmis

Do you have what it takes to become the next champion cross-linguist, if by "what it takes" we mean "too much free time on your hands"? Then step up and face the latest iteration in this thing that apparently we do now!  


Here's how you play:

Download the blank crossword here (or click on the image over there) and print it or complete it on your personal computing device.

  • Look for clues all over the place: In the main Woot-Off, on our Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter pages, and in the very firmament itself.
  • When you have an answer to a clue, post it here in this format: "1-across: Teat" (if you just post "teat" we won't know what you're talking about and everyone will think you're a pervert).
  • YOU ONLY GET ONE GUESS PER CLUE so make it a good one.
  • The first person to post the correct answer will get a special, crappy offer sent to them via private message, which can be found right here
  • NEW RULE: No posting guesses until the clue has actually been posted somewhere. 

Answering clues correctly will also bring great honor to your Clan! Remember those?

Crapword Answers: 9
BOCs: 108
Woot-Off Purchases: 3364

Crapword Answers: 8
​BOCs: 112
Woot-Off Purchases: 3538

Crapword Answers: 12
BOCs: 116
Woot-Off Purchases: 3493

Those leaderboards will be updated periodically (read: sporadically), especially during the wee hours, and we'll be updating this post as we go, so check back often.

Update: Thurs. 1:25am
​The first blows have been struck with the Betta Koi taking a slim 1-answer lead and the Squarryls burying their heads in the dirt with no correct answers. The V'owls, rich from their July victory, have purchased the most Woot-Off items so far, and we are going to bed. Pro tip: There won't be many (if any) clues in the wee hours, so save your strength for the daylight. 

Update Thurs 11:25am
​The night shift has caught up (thanks TT), those who slipped under the old rules have been rewarded, and the V'Owls remain (unsurprisingly) in the lead. Who can topple this Strigiforme superpower?