The End of the Adventure

by Jason Toon

It was a bold experiment. But just 24 hours after we announced our Woot Your Own Adventure business model, Woot decided to revert to our more traditional deal-a-day format. The change takes effect today, April 2. It's not easy to back down so soon after launching a new venture like that, but it's some consolation to know Conan O'Brien isn't affected.

Oh, but what a time we had. If you missed all the fun, or just want to re-live it, play Woot Your Own Adventure right now, or whenever you get around to it. No hurry. It's not like the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance or anything. Just be prepared for the kind of excitement that made Woot Your Own Adventure the #4 trending topic on Twitter.

Our community was all abuzz about it, too. Some adventurers found that playing the game cost them more than the reward was worth. Some forgot what game they were playing. And some, clearly driven mad by the hunt a la The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, offered dubious advice.

More enterprising crap-hunters made - SPOILER ALERT - their own maps and guides. We liked billmoney's hand-drawn ones best, because they looked the most like the ones we made while planning this whole thing:


But even with maps like those, and with people sharing links on deal sites and in our forums and whatnot, it took 40 minutes for the ultimate prize - a Bag O' Crap, of course - sold out. Now, if you successfully choose your way through the whole adventure, all you win is the satisfaction of having found a correct path to the end.

What will you always remember most about Woot Your Own Adventure? What memories will you share with your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren, and (future medical advances permitting) your great-great grandchildren? First, share them with us below...