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There Can Be Only Pun: Best Picture Cereals

by Sean Adams

You guys, I have an addiction. I'm addicted to puns. I need them. I can't get enough of them. I HUNGER FOR THEM. That's why I've set up this weekly blog feature: so you guys can feed my addiction. Every week, I'll name the topic, give you some examples, and then you'll pun away in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter. I'll choose the best ones and post them here next week. Sound good? Good! Let's do it!

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Best Picture Cereals!

It's almost time for the big movie awards show. So we're looking for Best Picture cereal puns. (Doesn't have to be a movie that won; can just be a nominee.) Here are some examples:

  • No Country For Oat Bran
  • Apple Jacques-Yves Cousteau's World Without Sun
  • Of Muesli And Men

Your turn! Post in the comments and I'll choose my favorites next week!

The best from last time (Cartoon Condiments):

  1. A-1-der Woman (from Zeusandhera)
  2. Ani-mayo-nacs (from lichee)
  3. Chipotle and Dale(from goldilion)