There Can Be Only Pun: Shootin' Hoops

by Sean Adams

It seems like I face some new, frustrating dilemma almost every day. For a while, I tried to solve each one on my own, but I just can't do it anymore. I'm in over my head, and I need your help, Wooters! So, each week, I'm going to post a problem that I'm facing and you're going to help me solve it. But here's the catch: the solutions need to be puns. That's right: logic is secondary; puns are the primary goal here. I'll choose the best pun and announce it in next week's post.


Okay, so this week, I'm not EXACTLY looking for puns. Here's the deal. During NBA basketball games, they'll have replays and graphics and whatnot. Well some of them are sponsored - like the Mazda Drive of the Game, or the KFC Bucket Chart - and that got me thinking: Woot should sponsor one. BUT WHAT WOULD WOOT SPONSOR?! Here are some example ideas:

But you can do better than that. You can help me. So, go ahead: post your ideas for a Woot-Sponsored replay or graphic in the comments.

Last week's winner (Thanksgiving motivational speech title): How to Skin Hens and Influence Peafowl from user SQUIDTODE[something].

Other Favorites: Be a First Class-eh-role Model from fgarriel; Don't just wishbone - make it happen from lipophilia; and In order to succeed you have to give a pluck from radi0j0hn.

Photo by Steve A Johnson used under a Creative Commons License.