Timex Weekender - Your Choice

by wootbot

Watch Yourself

The bar for "class" is pretty low these days: just wear a watch. Let civilization's loss be your gain.

Want to stand apart from the masses? Want to elevate yourself above the herd? Want to distinguish yourself from the nacho-splattered, sideways-ballcapped, beer-logoed, phone-thumbing, baggy-cargo-shorted slobs who shuffle through our world, sucking down corn syrup, breathing air that rightfully belongs to -

Sorry. We get carried away. We're just saying: want to look like a grownup who's got his or her self together? It's easy. Just wear a watch.

It doesn't have to be a fancy watch. Just a tasteful one. Like these Timex Weekenders. Classic design, solid craftsmanship, comfortable to wear. Because when serendipity strikes and opportunity comes calling, you don't want to be the chump checking the time on his phone.