TiVo Premiere DVR & Stream Bundle

by wootbot

Turnabout Is Fair Play

You could use this TiVo to add to your current subscription. Or you could use it to start a new subscription. Or you could just plug it in and hope something happens magically. However you use this is completely up to you.

As a current TiVo customer, I like this TiVo Premiere because it's cheaper with my existing account. My brother, without TiVo, he likes it because it lets him start a new account. But we both agree: it's the best way to skip past all those terrible shows and watch the far-more-entertaining commercials. Because THAT'S the kind of TV my brother and I like best!

Naturally, we get made fun of, and often. Our friends say "You guys! Don't you know a TiVo is made to SKIP the commercials?" And we always say "No! A TiVo is made to time-shift recordings, up to four shows and once, with anywhere from 500GB to 2TB of recording space with full 1080p/1080i video!" And they stare at us blankly like they don't understand. Because they don't. And it's such an easy concept, right?

Commercials. Are. The. Shows. It's something my brother and I learned watching TV back when we were kids. We'd wait through some long boring episode of Cleopatra 2525just so we could maybe see every part of that McDonalds saga. Or we'd crack up the whole room by saying Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon? Man, that one ALWAYS killed!

And then there's the up-and-coming talent! Who would have known about the genius of Orlando Jones if they'd just TiVo'd past the 7up ads? Who would have been ready for Fight Club without an early look at Brad Pitt? And meanwhile, what was on TV that was so great? Freakin' Cop Rock. Are you REALLY going to try and convince people that Cop Rockwas better than the commercials around it?

So, yeah, go on and watch Chicago Fire or Malibu Country or whatever terrible crap you think commercials are destroying. And, meanwhile, my brother and I will be recording up to four shows at once, fast forwarding through the nonsense, and enjoying true drama and getting ready for February 3rd.

Thanks to our TiVos, we can skip all that boring football and get right to the real battle. Which commercial do YOU think is gonna take home the title?