Toshiba 17.3" Full HD Quad-Core i7 Laptop

by wootbot


Laptops like this one have plenty of uses, but some are less talked about than others.

As a student, you tell your teachers you're bringing your laptop to class to help take notes or enrich your classroom experience, but let's be honest: you're really just bringing a laptop to distract yourself.

And what better tool of distraction than this Toshiba 17.3" Full HD Quad-Core i7 Laptop?

See, most laptops only pack so many opportunities for distraction. Sure, you can use them to surf the web or play a game, but those possibilities offer limitations. What if the school blocks all interesting sites? What if the game requires noise? That's where this laptop has an answer.

With a 17.3" screen, here's a laptop that not only performs well as a laptop but also performs well as a wall, blocking the teacher's field of vision from things you want to do but otherwise can't because it'd be too obvious.

Doodling, writing love notes, eating, doing last minute homework for your next class, solving a Rubik's Cube, doing last minute homework for your current class -- all things that can be done behind the cover of this mammoth laptop screen.

So remember, when you're choosing a laptop for school (or even work), make sure you think beyond what's inside the machine, and ask yourself if it's a laptop that makes it easy for you to do what you're not supposed to be doing.