Triangle Scheme: Deals.Woot Reputation Badges

by Jason Toon

Whoa! Hey! We're all familiar with our user experience badges (aka "Woot qubes") on the forums - but where'd that triangle come from?

Yeah, I'm lame now, but you should've seen me in beta...

That triangular badge indicates your Deals.Woot reputation score. In other words, it measures how much you've been taking part in the crowd-sourced, social-bookmarking, all-singing, all-dancing deal hub we call Deals.Woot. It's the Woot site that lets you sharpen your deal-hunting fangs on the herds of deals roaming the Internet. If you haven't been, what's stopping you?

Anyway, as some of you have noticed, the hierarchy of colors is the same as the qubes, from lowly white all the way up to lofty black. But the formula is a lot more complicated than just a simple tally of how many items you've bought. The point is to recognize users who post deals, vote on deals, ask intelligent questions, make insightful comments, and do all the things that make Deals.Woot the delight that it is today.

I'd break down exactly how the reputation algorithm works, but I keep falling asleep everytime Shawn says "interquartile". I do know enough to know they're always tinkering with it, so whatever I told you now would soon be obsolete anyway. But if you're a regular participant in Deals.Woot discussions, and you submit good deals, and you vote on deals and questions, it will show in your triangle. (We can't bring ourselves to call them "qones", but we can't stop you from doing it.)

And if you're a little ashamed for your prestigious Woot badge to sit next to an empty triangle, there's only one way to fix that: get over to Deals.Woot! Now! Post deals! Ask questions! Answer questions! Vote on everything that catches your eye! The future of your qon- er, Deals.Woot reputation badge hangs in the balance!

Now, Deals.Wooters, feel free to gloat over your superior triangles. And entice, cajole, or shame your fellow wooters into coloring in their triangles, too.