uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

by wootbot

Look Alive

It's stylish and keeps your iPhone running longer. I wish they had one in my size.

This uNu isn't just another iPhone 4/4s case; it's an iPhone 4/4s BATTERY case! That means it doesn't just look cool and protect your iPhone; it keeps it charged longer too. It's almost like if someone designed a shirt that was also three cups of coffee!

(Quick tangential question: would you, hypothetically, buy a shirt made of coffee, if some young visionary invented it? I'm doing some market research.)

Now, with a whole extra battery in there, you'd think this thing would be clunky, but it's not. It's ultra-slim and sleek, like that totally hypothetical coffee shirt would be!

(Another quick tangent: if there are any science-y people out there with experience turning liquids into fabrics, please send me a personal message.)

And the best part: this thing's cheap. That's right; it gives you 5 hours of talking and browsing time (7 hours of video; 28 hours of music) and it comes in under 30 bucks WITH shipping! High quality AND low cost? Sounds like someone gave uNu the resources they needed to really perfect their product!

(Final tangent: Anyone know any billionaires looking to back an ambition project? Power in the coffee and/or textiles industry a BIG plus.)