Urchin Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

by wootbot

Like In "Oliver"?

The only urchin that won't make you feel guilty.

It used to be you'd pass by a little group of urchins singing a street corner and you'd feel a sad collapse in your heart. THOSE POOR URCHINS you'd say WON'T SOMEONE DO SOMETHING

But now, thankfully, there's a new type of urchin! No longer will you associate your favorite songs with Dickensian British-style orphans standing in the snow! No longer will you feel bad for demanding children learn to sing the WUB WUB WUB of your dubstep hits! Now you can hear your music the way it was designed to be heard... through a speaker! Not through the lips of some poor child from 1886!

Also, unlike an urchin of yore, these speakers can take direct spray from water for five minutes.