VIZIO 1080p LED Smart TV of Your Choice!

by wootbot

A Pixel Millionaire

Pick any size you wish ... but beware of goblin greed! 

Many people spend their lives dreaming of someday becoming a pixel-millionaire, and these 1080p Vizio LED Smart TVs can give them that opportunity. In addition to "smart" features such as Wi-Fi and apps, the full HD resolution screens sport over 2 million pixels -- the American Dream. 

But pixel avarice is an unending treadmill of desire. You may think that 2 million pixels will make you happy, but as soon as you reach that benchmark you'll want more, more, MORE! If only you had 3 million pixels … OK, maybe 4 million pixels … A BILLION PIXELS!!

Absolute pixel power corrupts absolutely; you may think yourself above this axiom now, but once the laudanum-like-craving for pixel superiority takes hold, your soul will warp and twist in ways you now think unimaginable. You shall become a slave to greater and greater resolutions -- a husk of your former self. 

Or, you know, maybe you'll just be happy because you have a really nice TV.