VIZIO 50" 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi

by wootbot

The Screen Demands Obedience

The thing about watching a really big TV is, well, sometimes you get distracted from doing your job.

Now, this Vizio 50" 1080p Smart TV is really pretty nice. So nice, in fact, that we ended up, you know, testing it out. In fact, we tested it out for so long, that it's now... ooh, boy. Looks like the deadline's here already.

So you'll have to forgive us for not offering very much in the way of a writeup. But we think you'll understand more once you actually get this home and are hypnotized by the bright colors and serious contrast ratio and all the other things we aren't paying attention to because we're rushing to get this writeup done so we can get back to the razor-sharp picture.

Because, in the grand scheme of things, a TV like this is FAR more important than the written word. After all, if we were any good at our jobs, we'd all be writing for this TV instead of about this TV.