VIZIO 65" 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV

by wootbot

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Just imagine how the world would have been different if someone had said "That'll go over like a LED Smart TV."

Can't you just picture it? A golden-haired god on vocals. A blues warlock on lead guitar. A drunken jack rabbit behind the drums and a classically-trained recorder virtuoso on the bass. Excess. Wildness. A never-ending party. And a name the world would never forget: LED Smart TV.

But there's another side to things too, because imagine how YOU'D feel inviting friends over to watch baseball on your 1080p Zeppelin, huh? Or explaining how the 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio wasn't actually saying "worship the Devil" when you played it backwards. And probably you'd have a terrible time convincing your friends to use the 802.11n Integrated Wi-Fi after they heard that story about the red snapper.

It's for the best, then, that their Led meant the element, and our LED means a display with a 120Hz Effective Refresh Rate. And ,just for the record, no parts in this Vizio 65" LED Smart TV were ever stolen from old '40s blues musicians.