VIZIO 70" 1080p LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi

by wootbot

Life Imitates Cart

Put this in our new shopping cart! Just make sure it doesn't tip over. 

As you may have heard, we finally introduced a shopping cart to Woot this week. Like all of our updates, it has been met with unmitigated acclaim. However, we ran into a problem: Our shopping cart was too small to fit this GIANT 70" Vizio TV.

You see, we didn't model our shopping cart on other websites' versions, but on an actual grocery store shopping carts. That is, when you load something into your cart, one of our warehouse guys goes and puts it in a physical shopping cart. And when we first tried to shove this Smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi into the cart, it tipped over and broke everything (including our warehouse guy).

Don't worry: Our fastidious engineers have re-tooled the shopping cart to fit this five-foot-ten behemoth. Now it has one of those areas underneath where you can put oversized items. Just be careful as you wheel it around our site that you don't clothesline any small children. That might compromise its stunning, full-HD picture.

Keep checking back for more updates to our shopping cart. We're thinking of applying some lubricant to that one wheel that keeps squeaking, and maybe adding some of those automatic brakes to keep people from stealing them. And remember, if you buy any bananas make sure they go on the TOP of the shopping cart, or they'll get bruised.