White by Sarah Peyton 10" Mem Foam Mattress w/Cover -4 Sizes

by wootbot

Leave Us Comfortably

Because you never know which bed will be your deathbed

We're not saying that you're definitely or even probably going to die in your sleep very soon. But you can't rule it out. And don't you want your hypothetical last night as a living person to be comfortable? Then pick up this 10" memory foam mattress and cover, and rest easy!

We know our proposition a little macabre, but isn't it better to be realistic? The chances that the next plane you ride will crash is small yet you still wear that little seatbelt, right? Well, all we're saying is that in the unlikely event of a midnight attack of -- well -- death, you'll want to spend those last moments with the support and comfort that only this mattress and cover can provide.

Sure, you could throw caution to the wind and just assume that you're going to survive each night. (You starry-eyed optimists!) But then you're just setting yourself up for disappointment when you don't.

Now that we think about it, you never know when the Reaper's embrace might envelop you. So it's probably prudent to live every moment as though it were literally your last. Please excuse us. We don't want to spend our last minutes writing silly product descriptions.