Woot + Blippy: Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Is

by Jason Toon

Used to be, if you wanted to tell your online pals what you were buying, you had to go somewhere like Facebook or Twitter and type something like "Just scored a sweet new nose-hair trimmer - look out, ladies!!!" Then you'd have to field questions about how much you paid for it, and what brand it is, and the awesome deal-a-day site you scored it from, and before you know it you've got an unpaid part-time job as a nose-hair-trimmer consultant.

Not anymore. Woot has struck up a partnership with Blippy, a new social-commerce site that lets you sync up your customer accounts at places like Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix so you can effortlessly show your friends your consumer side. (Blippy is also founded by longtime wooter and F'ed Company founder Philip Kaplan, so we're a natural match.)  We're the first retailer to get on the Blippy partnership train, and we're also the first to allow account integration using the secure OAuth methods. Which, for you English speakers, means you can connect to your Woot account without sharing your Woot username and password with Blippy. And we're looking into developing a button at the end of our checkout process to let you click over and start sharing purchases right away. For now, sign up at Blippy, start an account, and connect to Woot from the Accounts page. If you'd like a preview, here's what other wooters are currently sharing.

Of course, many of you will think it's crazy to reveal what you're buying. Maybe it is. If the idea freaks you out, RUN AWAY! (Or just sign up to shop-stalk your friends.) Blippy does gives you the ability to temporarily turn off sharing, or to only show your purchases to your approved friends. But don't come crying to us if you use it and give away that birthday surprise or alert thieves about that BOC waiting on your porch. That goes double if you're also a fan of all those other social-networking apps that tell the world where you are at the moment and what you're eating and where you hide your spare house key. As for us, while we'll try Blippy, we might not quite be ready to attach it to our bank accounts just yet.

If there are any other social-media projects like this that you think need a little dose of Woot, let us know in the comments. Woot was the first retailer on Twitter, we were among the earliest to offer RSS feeds, and now we're the first to join forces with Blippy. Like the guy with chronic halitosis at a square dance, we're always looking for partners.