Woot Hunt 2.0: The Facebookening, Today At 1 CDT

by Scott Lydon & Jason Toon

You demanded it, so we listened. The first time we tried a Woot Hunt scavenger game thing, the only complaint we heard was that it was too easy. So we're upping the difficulty! We're still using Google Street View for our clues. But we in the Geography department tried hard to come up with some twists that seemed like (to us, anyway) they'd be impossible to solve. So, of course, we expect you to have this whole thing figured out in like ten minutes.

Oh, and instead of Twitter, this time the action goes down on the Woot Facebook page at 1 PM Central. Just log in to Facebook, click that "like" button on our page, and you'll be able to play along... but how, you ask? This how:

  1. We'll post each new clue and link as a status update.
  2. Submit your answer as a comment to that status update.
  3. The first person to do so wins that round.
  4. If it seems like y'all are having trouble, watch for the Hint Gremlin. He'll pop into the comment thread with an additional nudge or two toward the right answer.
  5. Once a round is solved, we'll declare the winner, then wait a few minutes and post the next one. There will be 14 clues in all.
  6. If you win a round, email your mailing address to jtoon@woot.com and we'll send your prize. Do NOT email your answers to the clues. Post them as comments, like we said in #2.

So sharpen your pointy little heads and we'll see you at the Woot Facebook page at 1 PM Central.