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Woot-Libs! A very [spasmodic] Woot-Off

by Sam Kemmis


Remember that game you played as a kid (that we're not able to name directly for trademark reasons) where you'd fill in the blanks with nouns and adjectives and stuff? For this Woot-Off we're asking you, our loyal denizens, to help us craft some writeups in a similar fashion! It's called Woot-Libs, and it's sure to be an [egregious] time! 

The prize for participating in this stupid game is to get your word featured in a write-up later this week on Woot. THERE WILL BE NONE OF THOSE THINGS THAT WE SOMETIMES GIVE OUT. We did that last Friday for our birthday, remember?

OK, now that we've cleared that up, here's how you can play along:

  • Products will show up throughout the Woot-Off with descriptions like this:
  • Woot-Lib!: [animal] Friday
  • The part in brackets is what we need from you. The first appropriate part of speech posted in the comment thread FOR THAT PRODUCT will be selected. Our moderators might stretch "appropriate" to mean "most original" on occasion.
  • ‚ÄčThe day in the description (Friday) tells you when you can look for your word to show up here on You don't need to include it in your answer. 

That's it! We'll be updating this blog post as we go to answer and questions and whatnot, so check back. This is just a silly way to get your username emblazoned on the halls of Woot fame -- it's not a serious contest. Have fun and [burp] hard!

Here's a running list of what words have been selected (and the user that provided them)