Woot-Off-Killer Killers: Our Favorite Wastes of Time

by Jason Toon

Whether you’re waiting for the next item in a Woot-Off, enjoying a little you time while your supervisor’s in a meeting, or anxiously awaiting your colonoscopy results – or all three at once – nothing ticks the hours away like a cocktail of ridiculous photos and light commentary. The definitive cultural form of our age is the blog that rounds up thematically-related material and mocks it. Here are the ones that get us through the lonely nights:

The Up-And-Comers

The All-Stars

The Hall of Famers

And to save you self-satisfied “Neterati the trouble: We know, we know, you’ve been going to these blogs since before we were born and we might as well be Hugh Downs for even suggesting that there’s a person on Earth who hasn’t already visited them within the past hour. Remind us to pin a medal on you the next time we see you. With you so clued-in and all, we’re sure you’ll be able to tell us all about what’s really cool in the comments below…