Woot-opoly Game

by wootbot

Woot-opoly Amorous

All the frustration of shopping online, now in BOARD GAME FORM! And the custom pieces are sweet.

Each day in our office, the team at Woot! tries to lock down total control of the market. Or at least that's what we say in the emails we send out. Because the truth is, we spend most of our days around this game board trying to build a little empire of our very own.

But it's all good. When the boss hears us yelling about heading towards The Cellar Of Stabbing and The Garage Of Unjust Termination (a.k.a. the Dallas Conference Rooms) or taking ownership of Upvote Avenue, he assumes we're just planning a meeting about how to improve the site! Which is EXACTLY why we named the custom Woot-opoly properties the way we did. Ain't we smart?

Anyway, we figured it was time to let you in on our little secret, which is why we've offered this custom board game to you, gullible public. Draw from Mortimer's Gamble! Visit those caught in a Server Crash as you pass "Just Lurking!" And if you're lucky enough to cross Antechamber Of Doom Place and find B.O.C. Avenue first- well, we all know there's a good chance you won't be lucky enough to do that.

What you're looking at here is the TRUE WOOT EXPERIENCE. Prepare yourself for disappointment, tears, and your sister Kristy storming away to slam every door in the house while cursing your name. Woot-opoly! It's just like real life!