Wootcasts from the Past: All Hallow’s Eve Edition

by Matthew Norman

After four years of our daily podcast, we sure have a lot of episodes in the can. (It’s where we do our best thinking.) Have you noticed how certain themes recur? We have! For example, grab hold of the common thread running through these nightmarish numbers, all about monsters and mayhem and things that go bump in the night.

Halloween Candy Safety PSA – It was Halloween in 2006 when our podcast team, moved by a spirit of charity, gave the children of America this warning not to swallow razor blades.

Devil’s Night Message: Don’t Burn Down The Neighborhood – We’ll never know how many would’ve-been firebugs changed their Devil’s Night plans after hearing this musical plea on October 30th, 2007. But it was probably zero.

The Shanty of Bluetooth (Halloween Version) – We’ve recorded so many versions of “The Shanty of Bluetooth,” it’s not surprising there’s one about Halloween. Can it be long before “Bluetooth Meets Abbott & Costello?”

Night of the Living Candy Fiends – How frightened we were, that Halloween night in 2008! When the candy bowl is empty, there’s no more terrifying sound than that of tiny knuckles on the front door.

Might Have Seen Some Monsters – The people demanded a podcast for Halloween, 2007, and we weren’t going to let our failure to think of a rhyme for “Dracula” stop us from giving them one.

Theme From BIG CALEB THUNDER, WOLFMAN NINJA OF HARLEM – Not technically a Halloween podcast, having aired in April of 2009, this one reminds us that werewolfism can strike at any time of year. In the original discussion thread, a poster asked, “Did the podcast singers all wear boy’s sized speedos to get that falsetto?” The answer is that we never give away our recording studio methods.

Battle On Monster Island – Ooh, a special unreleased recording! This one never came out as a Woot podcast, but used to be an Easter egg on the touchtone phone menu for our old office. There’s nothing fun on our current menu though, so don’t call now. (Unless you think pranking Dave is fun. Which we can see how you might.)

Happy Halloween!