Wootcasts from the Past: Presidential Edition

by matthew

All across America today, people are honoring some of our greatest national heroes by remembering too late that the Post Office is closed. And also by listening to these three catchy ditties about everyone's favorite branch of federal government. It's the Woot Podcast's salute to the Presidents! Enjoy, if possible!


I Know All The Presidents (in Order) – While this song can make a useful mnemonic, American History test-takers should be aware: It's a relic from the Bush years, and not completely up-to-date.

Washington & Lincoln – I fact-checked this little number about two of America's finest Execs in Chief (and I do mean foinest) on Wikipedia, so you know it's 100% accurate.

Abe Lincoln Kicks Knowledge – When that "Vampire Hunter" movie comes out, there will be a huge surge in Abe-mania, this track will finally find its audience, and I'll retire on the royalties. It's a can't-miss plan.