Wootcasts from the Past: Yule Be Sorry Edition

by Matthew Norman

After four years of our daily podcast, we sure have a lot of episodes in the can. (It’s where we do our best thinking.) Have you noticed how certain themes recur? We have! For example, here are a bunch of ditties about that festive season ‘tis currently.

Christmas Eve 2008 – You can’t hear too many reminders: Christmastime is fire safety time.

Humbug sez – Remember our “Humbug” holiday wine from a couple years back? We paired it with this holiday whine.

All I Want For Xmas is a Subwoofer For My Car – We aired this piece of sonic fruitcake in the first year of our podcast’s existence. It holds up! By which we mean it sounded this dumb back then, too.

Honey, It’s Christmas Eve – Ah, Christmas Eve 2007! What a joyous occasion that was! Then again, we also had to hear this annoying tune, but you have to take the spicy with the mild, we suppose.

One Shopping Weekend ‘Til Xmas – We know lots of people who love shopping. But we hate it. Hate, hate, hate it. What we like is buying stuff.

Regret & Humiliation at the Office Party – Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is pretty weird. Because what would dead people be doing at an office Christmas party?

Poker in the Rear (the Gambler’s Christmas) – This is what people listen to the Woot podcast for, right? Gritty, sordid tales of heartache and loss.

ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, suckers! That’s CODE! And as your secret decoder ring will tell you, it's code for "suggest other depressing, cautionary, or angst-ridden topics for future Christmas Wootcasts in the discussion below."