Wootership Has Its Privileges: New Member Profile Pages, Facebook, OpenID, And You

by Jason Toon

Hey, if you're looking for info about Woot avatars, or you just want to show yours off, see this blog post right here, 'K?

Stalking your fellow wooters just got a little easier with the launch of our new member profile pages. To see yours, go to http://members.woot.com/ and, assuming you’re logged in to Woot, it’ll default to your profile page. To see someone else’s profile page, add their username to the URL after the last slash, like this: http://members.woot.com/Jason Toon. Now let us tell you what all that crap is.

  • That hideously ugly, uproariously funny cartoon on your member page is your custom Woot avatar. Generated from component parts drawn by the famed Will “Goopy” Guy, nobody else has one quite like it. If you hate it, you can click “change avatar” to choose another from your bench of five custom avatars. Read more about avatars in today’s companion blog post. And if you really, really hate the whole idea, and you also hate fun and joy, you can choose your Twitter, Facebook, or Gravatar avatar. You also do this by clicking “change avatar” on your member profile page, and then a bunch of other stuff that we’ll explain later in this blog post.
  • The Recent Activity stream shows your recent forum posts and whatnot. You can see activity across all Woot sites or choose a specific one to see activity on that site – with a couple of exceptions. Our Everything But Woot forum isn’t connected to this system yet. We’re working on it, believe me, since almost one-third of all Woot forum posts are in there. And Deals.Woot isn’t quite tied in yet, either. For now, choosing Deals.Woot on the Recent Activity drop-down will take you to links to your Deals.Woot user page. Again, we’re working this out, so expect a 360-degree summary of all your dot-Woot activity soon.
  • We’ve also enabled you to log in to Woot using your Facebook account, your Twitter account, or any OpenID account like Google, Yahoo!, or AIM. On our humble little login page, you’ll now see options for all of those services. Click one and take it from there. Or, if that’s too confusing, read the instructions later in this blog post.

We’re so anxious to roll this member-profile system out that not all the edges are softened yet. All this account-connectin’ and avatar-selectin’ will be more seamless and less confusing pretty soon. Advanced users, go nuts. If you’re a little less comfortable with all this login business, follow the instructions after the jump. If you just want to keep your Woot experience simple, do nothing. And, as always, pelt us with your questions in the forum thread below.

How to connect a Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, or other account to your Woot account:

  1. Log in to Woot.
  2. Go to account.woot.com.
  3. Scroll down to the Connections module and click “add connection”.
  4. Click on the service you would like to connect (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Google, OpenID, etc.)
  5. Follow the instructions to verify your account and approve the connection.
  6. When finished, you’ll be returned to account.woot.com.

How to use your Facebook, Twitter, or Gravatar avatar:

  1. Log in to Woot.
  2. Go to members.woot.com.
  3. Under your current avatar image, click “change avatar”.
  4. Look for the Facebook/Twitter/Gravatar module at lower right.
  5. Click on the logo of the service you want to use.
  6. If you’ve already connected that account to your Woot account, your avatar from that service will be visible. Click “use it”. You’re done.
  7. If you haven’t connected that account to your Woot account, read the instructions for How to connect a Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, or other account to your Woot account above. Then start these instructions over at #1.