XtremeMac 2 Meter HDMI Cable

by Wootbot

Yes, Audio And Video. So Don’t Ask.

I never understood why Mom made me wear pressed pants and shined shoes on school picture day.

 “But Mom, you can’t even see my shoes or my pants in the picture,” I’d protest, every year. And the response invariably went like this: “You look nicer when you feel like you look nicer.” By high school, I’d taken to sarcastically asking if I should put little tuxedos on my kidneys, too, on the same general principle. She wasn’t amused.

But the tuxedo’s on the other kidney now. Because I totally get what she was saying thanks to this fine-looking XtremeMac 6.6 Foot HDMI Cable. In a typical day, I might never lay eyes on this extra-long two-meter conduit for digital video and multi-channel audio. HDMI cables are meant to be seen and heard through, not seen. So it’s tucked away in back of my home theater system, like all good-hearted media cables. Yet somehow, it manages to make my whole apartment look nicer.

Which is just what Mom was talking about. I don’t need to see this cable’s sharp, AppleTV-inspired design to know it’s there. Some may say it’s silly to buy an A/V cable for its stylish look. To which I say, I know who was wearing ripped jeans and ratty Reeboks on picture day.

Warranty: 90 Day ExtremeMac


  • Delivers digital video and multi-channel digital audio
  • Connects HDMI capable A/V components with one cable
  • Provides maximum bandwidth for all resolutions up to 1080p and beyond
  • 24k gold-plated connectors ensure maximum conductivity
  • Durable rubber overmolding protects cable and connector from strain and wear
  • Meets the latest HDMI specification and is compatible with all HDMI devices

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In the box:

  • ExtremeMac XHD-2MHH-00 2 Meter (6.6 Foot) HDMI to HDMI Cable