You Can't Spell "Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert" Without Woot

by Scott Lydon

We don't care why you're going or what your opinions are. But if you're going to see Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert at The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear, our writer's hoping to meet YOU!




That's Woot writer Scott Lydon, and he's going to be on hand, taking notes and possibly stealing Stewart's material. Come Monday, you'll have a chance to see him try and make a blog post so fine that it immediately justifies the thousands of dollars he spent booking a four-star hotel in our nation's capital. So all weekend long, when he's not using the minibar, he'll be taking photos and handing out some monkeys. Want to be a part? Just keep one eye open for Scott in his special writer t-shirt. It's black with a yellow exclamation point logo, like this:


2010-01-07 12.04.01


If you find Scott wandering around and say hi, he'll give you a little keychain monkey (while supplies last, of course). He'll also listen to what you have to say about why you're there, and maybe even ask your name and take a photo. Think Stewart's doing something important? Think he's a total jerkface destroying our country? Find our writer and let him know! He wants to hear it! Really!

And if you can't be there, check back Monday for Scott's eyewitness report from the frontlines of reasonableness. We were going to use another exclamation point there, but it seems contrary to the spirit of the event.