Your Choice of VIZIO TV

by wootbot

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You haven't yelled at a TV until you've yelled at an HDTV. 

As a fan of serialized television drama, it's important that I become disappointed in my favorite shows in crystal-clear HDTV picture. Whether I'm bemoaning unexpected twists in Downton Abbey, or warning my friends not to watch the second season of Homeland, I prefer to become frustrated with my favorite series on a refurbed VIZIO.

The only question is: Which VIZIO is best suited for my disappointment? The 37" LCD model's 100,000:1 contrast ratio should be more than enough for me to figure out exactly where the second season of Sherlock went wrong. On the other hand, I might need something a little bigger to really enflame my hatred for post-season-4 Weeds.

The 47" LED TV looks great, but do I really need 3D? I haven't become slowly disatisfied with the character development of a TV show in 3D, but who knows maybe someday there will be some promising HBO series in 3D that slowly loses its soul (à la Six Feet Under,) and I'm not going to want to miss that! 

Maybe I should put all three TVs to the ultimate fan-disappointment test, and watch the final season of Lost on each one. It sounds pretty tough, but I think I'm up to the challenge…I think. OH GOD WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT THE SMOKE MONSTER WAS. GAHHHHHHHHH. I can't do it.