Zmodo 8CH/4Cam Sony CCD Security System

by wootbot

Local Access Programming

This week on Don & Laura Plus Four Security Cameras: have Don and Laura figured out I'm secretly filming them yet?

Last week, while he was taking the trash out, Don paused and seemed to look around as if he felt someone was watching him. Then, while she was working in the garden, Laura just happened to move some potted plants right where they'd obstruct my Zmodo 4-Camera Security System from getting a full view of her. And it's been weeks now since they've left the curtains open while they ate dinner, even though the weather has been beautiful and the sun is staying out later.

Are they catching on? Have they begun to suspect that I'm capturing their comings and goings in 704x480 video, rain or shine, day or night? Is that why Laura has started wearing that slouchy old sweatshirt instead of that tank top I like? Or why Don never does those hilarious tai-chi exercises in his backyard anymore?

Has the couple who generously (if unwittingly) allowed me into their life suddenly turned against me? I'm glad I chose the option that includes a 500GB hard drive. Even if Don and Laura catch on, even if their hearts harden against me, even if they hit me with a restraining order or just beat me up like so many others before, we'll always have video.