Tuesday, August 21

The Debunker: Which Is "Better", Bottled Water or Tap Water?

by Ken Jennings

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, August is, just like the human body, at least 60 percent made of water: vacations to the beach, weekend trips to the lake or pool, big pitchers full of refreshing ice water. August is also National Water Quality Month, as you probably know, and it’s when we all have our big get-togethers to celebrate World Water Week (August 26-31!) and Sea Serpent Day (August 7). It may be hot and dry where you are right now, but at least Ken Jennings can make it rain knowledge with his August Debunker column, deflating everything you think you know about H2O.

Water Myth #3: Bottled Water Is Healthier and Tastier Than Tap Water.

With all the knocks bottled water takes, you’d think it must somehow be superior to tap water. Because of packing and transportation costs, it’s much worse for the environment, and it costs literally thousands of times more than tap water per gallon. Surely it’s better for you, or tastes better, or something. Otherwise, why the hell are people still drinking it?

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