Friday, August 03

Flash In The Brain Pan: Give Up

by Scott Lydon

Well, all good things must come to an end. What you're looking at today is the very last Flash In The Brain Pain, at least for some time. From now on, you'll get your gaming fix from our new pal Seth Macy with Game Fight! But I just couldn't leave you without saying thank you for all your love, attention, and mouse clicking. Our goodbye game is the very appropriately timed Give Up.

After the jump, I'll tell you more.

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Friday, July 27


Friday, July 20

Flash In The Brain Pan: No Game Today

by Scott Lydon

EDIT: Today's game was, sadly, set up yesterday, before all the tragedy in Aurora. In light of the situation (and the terrible coincidence) I've decided to take down the game. For the curious I've left a small link inside, but it just doesn't seem appropriate to have fun with a shooting game right after a real world tragedy involving shooting. And to be clear, none of my bosses have asked me to do this, it's just something I want to do on my own. We'll be back to normal next week, I hope.

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Friday, July 13


Friday, July 06

Flash In The Brain Pan: Burrito Bison

by Scott Lydon


Hang on, hang on, we're not done just yet! For our Keep America Weird week flash game, we decided to do the weirdest thing we could think of… pass the choice to someone else! After the jump, you'll get to play a little game chosen by Social Media Coordinator and voice of @Woot herself, Kristy Tye. Here's a hint of what she chose for you…



See you after the jump!

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Friday, June 29


Friday, June 22


Friday, June 15


Friday, June 08