Tuesday, October 28

Item-Level Tracking: It’s Here!

by Scott Lydon

How many times have YOU formed an angry mob and marched on Woot HQ to demand item-level tracking? By our count… never. And we’d like to keep it that way. That’s why you’ll be noticing that you can now visit your order page and look at each individual item*, learn where it is, consider what it needs and desires, and prepare your home for what day it should be arriving. No more angry cries of “WHERE IS THE SECOND HALF OF MY ORDER?” and “WHY ARE YOU HIDING MY TRACKING INFORMATION?” Now it’s just click and read and done. So simple even our writing team could understand it.

See? Head on over to your order page and check it out. We think you’ll be pleased.

* Notice the asterisk? That’s because when we say “each individual item” we don’t mean items shipping from our Carrollton offices or items you buy from Shirt.Woot. They work a little different for now. But don’t panic. We hope to force them to also track neatly just as soon as we are able. Also it’s worth mentioning “Something Shipped”. What that means is our computer has noticed that some/all of your order has shipped, but can’t tell exactly what/how much! We’re a little embarrassed we didn’t get it perfect but it’s all a good step forward, right?

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Tuesday, December 17

Amazon Payments: Free Shipping If You're Fast Enough

by Scott Lydon

Do you like to buy things? Do you like to buy things from Woot? Do you like to buy things using our new Amazon Payments option? Do you like to get free shipping for using Amazon Payments? If you fit all these options, then you might be interested in this.

For a super limited time, Woot.com is bragging about Amazon Payments by offering a serious shipping deal for anybody who pays via our Amazon Payments system (which is that thing we told you about back here). Here's the short version: log in with your Amazon Payments account to find a five dollar shipping coupon waiting patiently for you in your cart, which we'll apply if you pay with Amazon Payments. It'll appear just above the total over on the right. That shipping coupon means (duh) you'll be saving some money on shipping!

If you choose Standard Shipping, your shipping will be free! Hurrah! If you choose Expedited Shipping (like second day or overnight) that shipping will be five dollars cheaper! Huzzah! Either way, you save five bucks. It'll be a coupon that appears before the tax and it'll be nice and obvious once you take a gander at your cart. Go on, Login and Pay with Amazon and see.

Oh, you'll find all the official legal Terms & Conditions just after the jump, so we invite you to click through and look at that part of the post too. Then rush to your cart and BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY

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