Friday, December 21

Apocalyptic Giveaways All Day on Woot's Facebook Page!

by Jason Toon

So here we are. The end of the world. Guys, it's been swell. But before we all ride the cosmic handbasket into oblivion, there's still time for one more naked promotional ploy.

Mortimer, the more impulsive of our two spokesmonkeys, is tidying up his cubicle for the impending Armageddon. And he's dumping the contents all over Woot's Facebook page. Go there, LIKE us, and watch for giveaway announcements throughout the day to win a piece of "problem inventory" to call your very own!

Of course, no amount of unwanted consumer junk can stave off the inevitable devouring of everything you hold dear. Goodbye, cruel wooters. We'll catch you fools on the flippity-flop.

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Friday, December 14

The Lamestreaming Media Live Wootcast: Coming Monday!

by Jason Toon

Just what the Internet needed: more of our ugly mugs. This Monday, December 17, at noon and 4 PM central, you can watch, chat with, and cruelly mock Woot as we stumble through our first-ever live Wootcast!

We're calling it The Lamestreaming Media Live Wootcast and it'll be rife with dumb jokes, pointless product demonstrations, and candid talk from the sensational Woot "personalities" you've never heard of! Submit your questions and comments now! And we'll see you Monday!

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Monday, December 10

Armagedd-Off: Cataclysmic Deals The Mayans Never Saw Coming

by Jason Toon

Portents. Auguries. Signs. They all point to the world coming to an end in about another week and a half. At least, they do if you squint really hard at some selectively chosen bits and pieces of Mayan mythology. To mark this reasonably important occasion, help you prepare for what's next, and give you a shot at some inexpensive Christmas gifts in case the Mayans were just kidding, we present Armagedd-Off 2012, a three-day Woot-Off of cataclysmic proportions.

But that's not all. Totally goofy Armagedd-Off 2012 trading cards will appear in the photo galleries for twelve of the hundred of items in this Woot-Off. By collecting them all, and following the clues carefully encoded in them thousands of years ago by ancient Photoshop clerics, you can find your way to a special never-before-seen t-shirt of Earth-shattering power! Here's how it works:

  1. Find all twelve trading cards between now and Wednesday.
  2. Assemble the clues into a word that will fill in the blank at the end of this URL: .
  3. Buy the special t-shirt you find there! (Yes, buy. It took some work to collect those Star Wars proofs of purchase, too, but you still had to pay for Boba Fett.)
  4. No, there is absolutely not a Bag o' Crap involved anywhere in this thing in any way. For real. This warning is not us being cute. If you could see our faces, you'd know how serious we were. Please don't get into this expecting you'll wind up with a Bag o' Crap. You won't. Mark our words.

Fight along with a band of plucky humans as they struggle against the mutant threat in a blasted-out nightmarescape they never made! And maybe get your hands on a weird little t-shirt! If there's a better way to spend your last days on Earth than Armagedd-Off 2012, we don't want to know about it, because we have to work this thing either way. Now get into that discussion thread and work with your fellow humans to figure this thing out BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

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Monday, December 03

Jingle Binge: More Holiday Stuff Than Any Stocking Can Hold

by Jason Toon

Open up and say "ho ho ho!", because there's a sleighful of holiday cheer charging right down your throat! On the first day of Jingle Binge, our pop-up shop gives to you a deluge in a deal tree.

It's got gifts. It's got presents. It's got stocking stuffers, White Elephants, artery stuffers, Secret Santa surprises, gelt substitutes, offerings to Mother Gaia: if it's something you give someone around this time of year, Jingle Binge is positively engorged with it.

But as with all of our pop-up shops, it only lasts a week. Jingle Binge wraps up Sunday, December 9, so surrender to it now. The only thing worse than regretting your excessive indulgence is never having any indulgences to regret.

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Thursday, November 22

Enduring Holidays: A Pop-Up Shop to Help You Survive the Season

by Jason Toon

This time of year is rife with parties, feasts, fiestas, family dinners, and other joyous celebrations of human kindness and tests of human endurance. Wouldn't it be nice if your favorite ecommerce site set up a one-week-only pop-up shop stocked with supplies to help you get through the get-togethers with your holiday spirit intact?

You see where this is going. Presenting Enduring Holidays, a weeklong event dedicated to maximizing your holiday pleasure and minimizing your holiday pain. From fun activities to enjoy with a group to solo distractions to enjoy in sweet isolation, Enduring Holidays gives you the ammo you need to fight off the forces of holiday tedium and tension.

It's only up for one week, with new deals popping up every day. Don't miss it and run this year's gauntlet of festivities without outfitting yourself at Enduring Holidays. Who knows? You might even look forward to next year's.

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Monday, November 19

What's Popping Up On Woot November 22-28?

by Jason Toon

Family holiday get-togethers are always an unstable mixture of fun and celebration on the one hand, and tedium and tension on the other. This Thanksgiving, Woot is going to help you get away from it all with a weeklong event at - that link will just take you to the front page of Woot right now, but that all changes at the stroke of midnight this Thursday morning. We can't say much more than that at the moment. We'll see you at on Thanksgiving. And unlike your relatives, we promise not to criticize your career choices or spout belligerent political rants. At last, a holiday celebration you can look forward to!

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Thursday, November 01

Woot Goes Mobile (Yes, Finally)

by Jason Toon

Hold on to your threadbare Uggs, because Woot has finally lurched into the mobile era. Today we announce our first-ever mobile-optimized version. Yes, the young people of today who access the 'tubes on their newfangled cyberphones can get off of our lawns and onto Woot Mobile!

Just "boot up" the browser on your iOS or Android phone and "net-surf" over to for the mobile experience we've owed you for a long time now. Hey, there's the "I Want One" button you've always loved. Just tap the product description, and…

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Monday, September 10

Pieces of Crap Giveaways: Woot Lays It On With A Trowel At Facebook

by Jason Toon

There comes a time in every ecommerce site's journey through life when she must grit her teeth, roll up her sleeves, and get down to an unpleasant but vital task: getting rid of some of the sample products that seem to collect in every corner like cobwebs in a Victorian widow's decrepit mansion.

And so, in the grand Woot tradition of suckering our fans into doing our dirty work, we present Pieces of Crap! All this week, Monday through Friday, we'll be conducting mini-express-lightning giveaways of single items we no longer want and never needed.

How can you get a piece of the Piece of Crap action? Just "Like" Woot's main Facebook page and watch for the giveaway announcements in our news feed. We'll ignore the perhaps more pertinent question of why you would want to. As we always say at Woot, "Your personal problems are none of our business." Now get out there and enjoy the hell out of that crap!

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Monday, July 30

Whootps! Woot Does NOT Currently Ship to Hawaii & Alaska

by Jason Toon

UPDATE (3/9/2015): If you stumbled across this old blog post from 2012 while searching for woot-hawaii-alaska or something, know that we are NOT currently able to ship to the great states of Hawaii and Alaska. Yet.


It's a big week for the Last Frontier and the Aloha State NOT SHIPPING THINGS! Just 53 years after Alaska and Hawaii joined the Union, residents of those states are finally STILL NOT eligible for the greatest privilege of American citizenship: the right to buy stuff from Woot! (Not just Shirt.Woot tees, either! Real stuff!)

Most NONE of the time, anyway. We're prohibited from shipping certain items to those states, like wine​ EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW. And the bulk of some items will make shipping to Alaska and Hawaii cost-prohibitive. But hey, most NONE of the time is better than EQUAL TO none of the time, right?

Just look in the Features section to see if THAT any given sale is NOT eligible for shipping to AK & HI addresses. We'll call it out loud and clear, like the majestic honk of the nene or the goofy chuckle of the willow ptarmigan. (Yeah, that's right: we're talking state bird smack. Hangin' with Woot is not for the faint-hearted.)

So Alaskans, send some of that oil money our way EVEN THOUGH WE CAN'T YET SHIP TO YOU! Hawaiians, we'll be happy to help you dispose of your pineapple fortunes DESPITE THE FACT THAT WE CAN'T SEND YOU STUFF! Does this mean Woot will start selling items tailored to your states, like surfboards or walrus repellent? Anything's possible in the wild, weird world of Woot - especially now that that world is two states bigger NO.

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Friday, June 15

Snapster Rides Into The Sunset: Woot Founder Matt Rutledge Says Goodbye

by Jason Toon

There comes a day in every dad's life when he has to take a deep breath, trust that he's made a difference, and let his child carry on without him. And then occasionally send his child a few bucks when things get tight. Today is that day for Woot's Big Daddy, the man who dared to ask "who says trolling isn't an effective business model?": our founder Matt Rutledge announced today that he's moving on.

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