Monday, May 28


Thursday, January 05

The Hour, The Light Year, The Woot

by Scott Lydon

When Han Solo bragged about doing the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, he created an entirely new form of measurement out of nothing. On January 3rd, our pals at did the same.


what you like is in the limo


In this post about the tv show Real Housewives, our new best friend Mary Elizabeth Williams makes US the new standard for relationship commitments. It's a good feeling to know serious journalists mix our brand with a celebrity disaster, so we're glad for the mention. Next goal: to get Mortimer and Monte on The Bachelor!

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Tuesday, December 20

Look Upon Our Mural, Ye Mighty, And Despair!

by Sean Adams

We've stuffed your mailbox with our packages. We've left giant boxes on your front step. We've filled your houses with weird and (sometimes) useful junk. We've even wrapped you in our own line of tee-shirts. Well, now, we here at Woot are going to leave our mark on something else.

The walls of our own friggin' office.


No, seriously: down in Dallas, we've got this huge building emblazoned with a Woot logo. But in Seattle, there's almost nothing in our office that indicates our presence aside from one little banner and the sweet stench of nerd wit... or what we thought was nerd wit. Then we cleaned out the mini-fridge and the smell went away.

But that's all changed today! Today, we got a mural! Based on artist Dan Zettwoch's designs for our shipping boxes, rendered in black and green vinyl, and applied to the wall using a blow torch (!), the scene shows a booming, Woot-controlled metropolis. It's a city with no official name, but we like to call it "The Internet." (Take a look and suggest a name in the comments if you like.)





So yeah, today is a proud day for the Seattle Woot team. Our home looks a little more like home. Now, if only we could get our cleaning staff (Roombas) motivated enough (charged) to pick up a little bit, things might start feeling half-comfortable around here.

See plenty more "making of" pics at the Woot Flickr page.

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Thursday, December 08

Calling All CES-Goers! Woot Wants to Cover You!

by Randall Cleveland

It's that time of year again, when everyone comes together to focus on the things that truly matter: The Consumer Electronics Show! And this year, let's remember to keep the CONSUMER in Consumer Electronics Show. Anyway, we here at Woot will be heading to Las Vegas for our annual exercise in expense account fraud, but this year we figured we'd try something a little different: this year we thought we'd try preparing.

We're putting out the call. Are you going to be at CES? Then let's get together! We want to hear from you if you'll be at the convention with a product to demonstrate, a party we can crash, a spokesman you'd like us to interview, or press credentials we can abuse. If you've got a CES-related event and want Woot there delivering snarky, irrelevant coverage then hit up the Woot Writers on Twitter. Let us know what you've got going on and how we can "enhance" it. (I put "enhance" in quotes because really I meant "mooch off of it." But seriously, we'll interview you and junk.)

And if you're heading to CES in a geek blogger capacity, stay tuned for a special opportunity to become a Woot Writer For a Day!

Are you excited for CES and our annual avalanche of coverage? Planning on going yourself? Want to suggest something we should cover? Don't give a damn about the whole thing and just came here to complain about an order or something? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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Monday, October 24

Home.Woot: The Deals Are Coming From INSIDE THE HOUSE

by Jason Toon

Living woot is the best revenge, they say. Or they will say, anyway, once they get a load of Home.Woot, the newest star radiating its glory across the Wootiverse, launching today. We've never been content just to colonize your computer desk or your media center, but now we're really gonna hit you where you live.

Today it starts with the Metrokane Rabbit Supreme Crystal Wine Glass 4-Pack. But that won't be where it ends.

You're now one step closer to living the total Woot lifestyle. When you wake up in the morning, when you sit down to eat, when you lay your head at night, yes, even when you shower... we'll be there. And we'll be bringing along some of the top brands in homegoods at the lowest prices on the web.

It's too late to lock the door. Don't bother calling the landlord. Home.Woot is moving in. To stay. So what kind of cable channels you get around here?

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Wednesday, August 17

Wootcast Casting Call: Dogs In Clothes Needed In Seattle Next Monday

by Matthew Norman

Seattleites: Is there a tiny dog in your family? Does it sometimes wear a sweater, rain jacket, tuxedo, football jersey, or other clothing?

Consider dressing it up and bringing it to Regrade Park downtown at 3rd Avenue & Bell Street next Monday, August 22nd! We’ll be recording some video footage for a future Woot Video podcast—and your little mutt could be America's next top ecommerce web video star!

WHAT: Dogs on Film
WHERE: Regrade Park, downtown Seattle
WHEN: Monday, August 22nd, 11:00 AM

Hope to see you — and your dolled-up dog — there!

Photo: Buddy the Puggy in his Benny Polo by Flickr user Eco-Pup. Used under a Creative Commons License.

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Tuesday, June 07

Giant Monkey Invasion!!! (And How To Build Your Own)

by Jason Toon

"It was May 11, 2011 - a day like most any other day," writes wooter Maniacmous in his account of buying and opening Woot's most recent Bag O'Crap. Little did Maniacmous know that clicking that big orange oval would set in motion a chain of events that brought this monumental visitor into his home.

Read on for the story behind the Giant Woot Monkey Cut-Out, an epic tale of vision, toil, and plywood...

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Thursday, May 12

Hi, Hivemind: The Woot Writers Talk To Reddit (And You)

by Jason Toon

Ever wondered how Woot's writers crank out all that Woot-Off copy, or what products are the hardest to write about? OK, you probably haven't. But by request of some members of our favorite social linksharing community, now you can find out anyway. Woot's writing team invited Reddit to ask us almost anything today, sparking over 500 comments and landing the discussion on Reddit's front page. We're blushing.

Thanks for having us, Redditors. We had a great time, even though we had to cut it short after a while so we could do our real jobs. But if you missed our five-man Redditastical jam, post your question below and we just might deign to acknowledge you. Forget talking about products - now you can talk about talking about products!

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Tuesday, December 14

Print Your Own Unofficial, Value-Free Woot Gift Certificates

by Jason Toon

Gift cards and gift certificates are convenient for indecisive gift-givers and finicky gift-getters alike. But they're also kind of complicated for us to figure out how to implement. And as the media reports every year, they're no picnic for the recipients, either. Wouldn't you love to give a Woot gift certificate that never expired, charged no inactivity fees, and, in the extremely unlikely event that the recipient couldn't find anything good to buy on Woot, was redeemable at any retailer in America?

It's called cash.

No, Woot still does not offer gift certificates. But inspired by the home-made gift certificates made by some Woot fans, and The Consumerist's Anti-Gift Card, we offer these DIY Woot gift certificates in three meaningless denominations. Click it yourself. Print it yourself. Clip some cash to it yourself. And if you're mentally unstable, you can even give it to yourself. We don't judge, especially in situations where we might make some money.

Remember, these are not official Woot gift certificates and have no value beyond the cash you clip to them, and the artistic merit of the design by the great Goopy. If you want to give another denomination, well, that's nothing a Sharpie can't fix. Goopy won't mind.

We hope this makes your gift-giving a little easier. We hope the Woot fiend in your life likes the present. But most of all, we hope he or she spends that cash with us.

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Monday, November 29

Cyber Monday at Deals.Woot: Advanced Searching for Advanced Cheapskates

by Jason Toon

As this week's Wootcast video reminds us, "Cyber Monday" as a concept is pretty contrived. But there's nothing imaginary about the loss-leader deals pinging around the ecommercesphere today. How does the skinflint shopper keep tabs on which Cyber Monday deals are worth chasing down, and which are still rip-offs at half the price?

With Deals.Woot, naturally. Our community deal-sharing site puts the cheapskate expertise of thousands of members at your disposal, as we're sure you know. But only the very best make the front page. How do you zero in on what you're really looking for in the ocean of Deals.Woot posts just below the surface? With Deals.Woot's Advanced Search options.

You can set a minimum and maximum price. You can limit your search to particular stores, or exclude others. If you see that a Deals.Woot member has posted a deal you like, you can search for all of that user's posted deals. And of course, you can search the keywords and tags of every deal, for all, any, or none of the relevant phrases.

But hey: statistically speaking, there's a good chance your particular search has already been done by hundreds of other Deals.Wooters. Check out the Popular Searches and Popular Tags at the right of the search fields and getting your shopping trip started could be as easy as a single click.

With these search options, Deals.Woot tames the wild frontier of Cyber Monday and pulls the golden needles out of the big, bland haystack. And it's all thanks to our tenacious, energetic users. They'll find and post the deals. They'll talk the deals over in the discussion threads. They'll vote for the best ones. And there's no reason you can't be one of the "they" making it all happen. Please, if you find a killer Cyber Monday deal before anybody else, post it there for your fellow bargain fiends. Us pennypinchers gotta stick together, right?

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