Thursday, October 07

Audio Quiz, LEGO Convention, and Dad Panic!: What's Going On At Kids.Woot

by Jason Toon

We know, we know, you probably didn't even know the Kids.Woot blog existed. That's our fault. But lately we've given you a bunch of reasons to visit the Orange District of the Woot Empire. Like so:

Kids.Woot Audio Quiz: we mashed up clips from 15 songs that mention the word "kids" in 28 seconds. How many can you identify? It's been up for half an hour and nobody's guessed right yet. Music geeks, glory is calling. (And for you audio-Wootcast nostalgics, it's like the old Sonic Trivia Quiz lives again!)

Dad Panic!: my new weekly column, wherein a terrified Dad (me) tries to figure out what's really worth being paranoid about.

Brickcon 2010: we visited the Northwest's largest LEGO convention and brought back more awesome pics than you can handle. Or more than our dinky camera could handle, anyway.

Ah, our little Kids.Woot blog is growing up. Come watch it flower into full-fledged bloghood.

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Monday, October 04

It's A Big Day

by Scott Lydon

When we first introduced the Quality Post system, it was designed to help add a new level to the front page. After all, in between all the cat photos and flame wars and detailed explanations of how we suck more now than we ever did before, real information can be easy to lose.

But you know what? It takes a really special person to navigate our forums and still have something to say. Be it linking to outside reviews or posting jokes that are already in the writeup which our Mod staff simply didn't bother to read, quality posts are an award of merit, given only to those who do something special. Some people would be happy with just one! But these people? They stop at nothing!



The top ten quality posters, ladies and gentlemen! Ten people who have gone above and beyond in their attempt to make our forms worthwhile. We're proud they've chosen to make our site their home, even if we weren't proud enough to actually write the number of posts on our little graph. Hey, shut up, we do a lot around here, we don't always have time for numbers. Anyway, special kudos go out to NightGhost for one thousand quality posts. That's right, one THOUSAND Dude's like the Wilt Chamberlain of our forums.

We love all our posters, of course, but there's something special about making the top ten, so congrats to everybody on that list. And NightGhost, man! Keep it up! Maybe we'll see you back here when you bust 10k?

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Wednesday, September 01

Livetwebletogging Today's Apple Announcement

by Jason Toon

Today at noon Central time - a scant fifty minutes from now - our team of hilarity-peddlers will take to our @WootLive Twitter account to wring a few more drops of mirth from yet another Apple wingding. Maybe we'll offer pithy yet scathing commentary on the nature of consumerism today; maybe we'll just add "in my pants" to everything Jobs says. Either way, satirical brilliance is approximately 65% likely to ensue.

If you're not following @WootLive yet, congratulations on having better things to do with your life than laugh. What a cold, lonely place your world must be.

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Tuesday, August 31

Woot + Longshot Magazine = Exclusive T-Shirt

by Jason Toon

Cool stuff. Tight schedules. Irresistible good looks. Woot and Longshot Magazine have a lot in common. We throw together a gut-bustingly hilarious product description every single day; Longshot throws together a whole magazine (in print, web, and iPad versions) in 48 hours. And we've both received some pretty impressive cease-and-desist letters.

So it's only natural that Longshot take one of their many excellent art submissions and turn it into a t-shirt available only through Shirt.Woot. The design relates to the theme of issue #1, "Comeback", and you can only see it (and buy it) at the link above.

If you're not hip to the Longshot groove, please enjoy some selections from Issue Zero on the theme "Hustle", which was excellent despite the inexplicable rejection of a submission by one of your favorite Woot writers. But hey, under a deadline like that, anybody can make a mistake. We're honored to partner with you, Longshot, and we wish your mag nothing but the best. Long may you shoot!

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Monday, August 30

The Woot Podcast Ought to be in Pictures

by Matthew Norman

This week marks a big change for the Woot Podcast: We’re going to video!

That’s right, starting today, the Woot Podcast transmogrifies into a once-weekly moving picture presentation you can watch every Monday from the comfort of your own home, cubicle, university library, or anywhere the Internet is found!

This week’s episode features Mortimer & Monte, but future installments may include more “Real Actual Field Tests,” video versions of “Happy Snacking!” recipes, and occasionally even an on-screen appearance by a member of the Podcast Team. (That’ll be a courageous achievement, considering they’re all significantly handicapped in the looks department.)

We didn’t make this change capriciously. Shoot, for almost five years we’ve produced an audio-only podcast, convinced online video was a passing fad. Then we saw that Keyboard Cat, though, and the writing was on the wall. It said “Intrenet vidz r here 2 stay LOLOL!!!!!”

We’re excited to explore the possibilities of another medium, and we hope you’ll enjoy the Woot Podcast 2.0 every bit as much as you did the original, audio-only version. Unless you hated the original, audio-only podcast with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns, in which case we hope you’ll enjoy this version slightly better.

We understand change can be painful, so here’s a coping strategy for those seven or eight of you who were sentimentally attached to the way the Woot Podcast used to be: Simply close your eyes during the video and it’ll seem exactly like the old audio version.

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Wednesday, August 25

AVOCADOBUTTgate: Now The Story Can Be Told!

by Jason Toon

Hey, wouldn't it be awesome if we hid a coupon code in a podcast that only worked once, so the first wooter to try it got today's product free? And then wouldn't it be awesome if the whole idea actually worked as planned? Well, we managed to get the first part right in today's Wootcast, "I Sliced an Avocado". If you sat through four-and-a-half of the dopiest, most inane minutes of novelty music this side of Rednex, you heard the coupon code. But if you tried to use it, well, that's where things broke down. Note to coders: the difference between an empty string and a null string is surprisingly significant.

What to do, what to do? Since nobody else has a stronger claim and it'd be a shame to let a perfectly good AVOCADOBUTT go to waste, we're awarding the coupon code (and hence, the free Ecomposter) to a wooter by the name of chris12345 (pictured at left). He was the first Wootcast listener to post a comment on the podcast discussion thread, so if this somewhat arbitrary choice offends your sense of fair play, consider it a reward for participating in the Woot forums.

chris12345 says he's been listening to the Wootcast since early 2009 because "It's usually funny, and Matthew has a nice voice." His favorites are the many Shanties of Bluetooth - but even that kind of experience doesn't prepare one for an onslaught of irritation like "I Sliced an Avocado". How'd you endure it, chris12345? "I was reading through some things on Deals.Woot at the time," he reports. "It may have distracted me just enough that I still got the gist of the podcast without my brain turning to mush." Deals.Woot: protecting brains from Wootcast-induced mushification since 2009.

But remember, chris12345, if you ever do find your brain going mushy, don't just flush it down the toilet like most people would. Put it to good use with your brand-new Ecomposter!

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Wednesday, June 30

Amazon, Woot, and You: But Mostly Woot

by Woot!

To be uncharacteristically serious for half a nanosecond, yes, Woot has signed an agreement to be acquired by Amazon. It shouldn't change anything much for us or you after the deal closes, we just figured you’d like to know a few details. You see, when two companies meet over drinks and some light jazz and decide they'd like to get to know each other better… You know what? Our CEO said it best in his letter to us employees...

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BREAKING: Woot To Be Acquired By Amazon, Then Left To Amuse Ourselves

by Woot!

Holy crap! Woot has signed an agreement with Amazon - yes, the Amazon - to become an independent subsidiary of the ecommerce colossus. Woot HQ will remain in Carrollton, Texas, and will operate as autonomously as other Amazon companies like Zappos and Audible. More details forthcoming after we pick our eyeballs up off of the floor. Anybody see where Lefty rolled off to?

Here's more:

Direct press/media inquiries to

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Thursday, May 13

Woot Hunt 2.0: The Facebookening, Today At 1 CDT

by Scott Lydon & Jason Toon

You demanded it, so we listened. The first time we tried a Woot Hunt scavenger game thing, the only complaint we heard was that it was too easy. So we're upping the difficulty! We're still using Google Street View for our clues. But we in the Geography department tried hard to come up with some twists that seemed like (to us, anyway) they'd be impossible to solve. So, of course, we expect you to have this whole thing figured out in like ten minutes.

Oh, and instead of Twitter, this time the action goes down on the Woot Facebook page at 1 PM Central. Just log in to Facebook, click that "like" button on our page, and you'll be able to play along... but how, you ask? This how:

  1. We'll post each new clue and link as a status update.
  2. Submit your answer as a comment to that status update.
  3. The first person to do so wins that round.
  4. If it seems like y'all are having trouble, watch for the Hint Gremlin. He'll pop into the comment thread with an additional nudge or two toward the right answer.
  5. Once a round is solved, we'll declare the winner, then wait a few minutes and post the next one. There will be 14 clues in all.
  6. If you win a round, email your mailing address to and we'll send your prize. Do NOT email your answers to the clues. Post them as comments, like we said in #2.

So sharpen your pointy little heads and we'll see you at the Woot Facebook page at 1 PM Central.

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Thursday, April 29

Calling All Twits: Woot Hunt on @WootLive, Today at 2:30 CDT

by Jason Toon

As several irate followers have found to their dismay, our @WootLive twitter feed is not the place to go for concise announcements of the latest products. (That would be @Woot for the main site, or any of our other feeds for the other Woot sites.) WootLive's live-tweets of the last couple of Apple announcements have clogged thousands of twitter pages around the world, and we're going to try something else today: Woot Hunt!

Here's how it'll work. Beginning at 2:30 p.m. Central time, @WootLive will tweet a link to a Google Street View image. Somewhere near that location there's a clue about which city the hunt will take us to next. It could be a street sign, the name of a business, or just about anything else. But it'll always have the name of the next city spelled out clearly. The first person to tweet back the answer with the hashtag #woothunt wins that round.

Will it be fun? We don't know yet. Will anybody play? We hope so. What will you win? It's a surprise.

But you can't win anything if you're not following @WootLive, so get thee hence to that Twitter feed and we'll see you at 2:30. Can't make it just then? We'll post the spoiler-free chain of clues here later this afternoon. On your marks... ready... set...

UPDATE: whoa! So many wooters joined in the fun that it was all over in, like, 15 minutes. Next time we do something like this, we'll make it tougher. We promise never to underestimate you again. If you weren't among the throng playing this afternoon, here are the eight clues in order:

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