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Tuesday, September 25

From The Desk Of The Office Manager: Eurasian Land War

by Sam Kemmis

There have been a lot of troubling internal reports lately, and it's time to restate a few long-standing company policies (from the employee handbook):

  • Employees are not allowed on the roof of the building at any time.
  • Employees may not use printers or copiers for personal use.
  • Employees may not invade Russia, regardless of perceived numerical, tactical, or technological superiority.

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Tuesday, September 18

From The Desk Of The Office Manager: The Treasure(?) Of Managerial Assessment

by Sam Kemmis
hi everybody,

Up to this point I have ignored it: but any employee/temp that thinks he/she doesn't have to write 3 good, quality assessments for their level-9 supervisor: you very much do. just forgot to do it last quarter? Too L8. (please excuse the informal "text speak," but I am writing this on a mobile device and space is a premium.)

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