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Thursday, December 20

Sean University: Tis the Season for Reason

by Sean Adams

In just a few days, you’ll wake up to find that some guy has snuck into your house and put a bunch of stuff under a tree in your living room. This is called “Christmas” and it’s pretty much everyone’s favorite day of the year. But not yours. No, as a student here at the Sean Adams University for Business Management Development Leadership, you need to realize that Santa’s business model is inherently flawed. Here are the reasons why:

1. His targeted demographic is too broad: Imagine you owned a pizza place. Who would be your ideal customer? A guy who likes pizza, right? Well, if Santa ran a pizza place the way he runs Christmas, he’d try to make pizzas for people who like pizza, pizzas for people who don’t like pizza, pizzas for people who cry when they see cheese, pizzas for people who don’t believe in circles, everyone! That’s just not a practical. You gotta narrow in on the exact demographics you want or else you risk diluting your brand.

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