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The Debunker: What Utensils Should I Use for Thai Food?

by Ken Jennings

May is Asian heritage month in the U.S. and Canada, but most of us probably celebrate the Asian diaspora year-round by enjoying one of the greatest gifts from the other edge of the Pacific Rim: Asian food. But sometimes, in our uncommon hurry to enjoy the ramen or the curry, we may find ourselves slurping up all kinds of bad takes along with our good takeout. Ken Jennings, of Jeopardy! fame is obviously not Asian, but (fun fact!) he grew up in Asia, which sort of qualifies him to set us straight on some of the biggest culinary misconceptions about the world's biggest continent. Check, please!

The Debunker: What Utensils Should I Use for Thai Food?

Asking for a fork at an Asian restaurant might be one of life's most demoralizing small defeats—or small embarrassments, if it's your visiting parent who's harassing the waiter. Eating competently with chopsticks, the paired sticks first used as utensils in China over six thousand years ago, is a neat shorthand for worldliness and open-mindedness and, in general, having your culinary s*** together.

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Monday, May 16

Music Monday: RIP Potpourri

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! The bizarre musical banshee of 2016 has claimed more than just big artists. Today Scott pays tribute to five really cool musicians who passed recently. He liked them all, but they aren't really the sort of musicians who could support a whole blog post. Nevertheless, they did their thing and did it well.

Richard Lyons of Negativland - The Greatest Taste Around


No one ever talks about how Negativland's U2 might actually have been the reason that U2 started paying attention to sampling and video art. The stuff U2 did while touring in the 1990s was almost a direct steal from Negativland's style of art. I was lucky enough to see Negativland a few times in my life, and it was always something interesting and different. I wouldn't have noticed the guy if he passed me on the street, but I think I might have loved this particular Negativland the most.

Hopefully, we're all done with the doom after this. Four more comin' up.

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