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The Debunker: Is It Really Hard to Crush a Diamond?

by Ken Jennings

Thanks to the hard work of the Association of American State Geologists, the second week of October has been officially declared "Earth Science Week" every year since 1998. So we decided to have Jeopardy!'s rarest gem, Ken Jennings, school us on the hardest rock of them all: diamonds. Are they really forever? Are they a girl's best friend? Let's shed the cold, hard light of 10-carat truth onto some of these semiprecious superstitions.

The Debunker: Is It Really Hard to Crush a Diamond?

At some point in school, I had to learn the Mohs scale of hardness, which assigns numerical values to ten different minerals in order of hardness. I've forgotten most of the actual minerals, though. 1 is talc, I think, which is as soft as rock ever gets, unless you count 1970s AM radio. I don't remember any of the others. Except 10! Nobody ever forgets 10. 10 is diamond. 10 is as hard as rock can get. 10 is Black Sabbath or Cannibal Corpse.

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Monday, October 10

Music Monday: Well-Intended Songs About Race

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Sometimes people mean well, but execute poorly. That happens with songs about race more often than not. Scott's found five songs (mostly from white guys) that actually come from a good place, but kinda... well, nobody would call them instant classics. Even still, they attempt to do good and don't do any real harm. Maybe that's what's important with music? Who can say?

Billy Idol - Shock To The System


When you think social justice, you don't instantly think of Billy Idol. Nor do you think of a cyborg when you think of the LA Riots from the 1990s. And yet, here we are, listening to a song from Cyberpunk that was written while Idol watched fires from his house. The ending calls of "You could be King/I could be King" is not at all a bad message, it's just then when combined with a stop-motion monster movie... well, it is what it is. A slice of a very different time.

Four more to come, and then it's your turn!

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