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Merry Christmas!



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Schuh2 wrote:I think that this is the first Big ol' Cornucopia I have been able to snag since Christmas of last year! SO PUMPED!!!

CONGRATS!! Merry Christmas

x3, x1 CABGx3


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Got one. Merry Crapmas everyone!

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My wife got her first Big ol' Cornucopia! She is not nearly the fanatic as I am, nor does she have the time/patience/diligence/motivation/etc to even attempt a woot off crap.
But just like Marty knew exactly when lightning would strike the clock tower, I told her where and when crap would arrive.
And while I manned the xmas monkey bread, she f5'd faster than the fastest of elves.
Thanks Woot for more future disappointment.


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I'm hoping that someone posts a picture of their coloring project from yesterday's crapvent!


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So after getting up at 8:55 every day for the past week, I finally got a BravoOscarCharlie on Christmas Morn! Since it was well before my gettin' up time, I am just now saying "Thank You, Woot! Merry Christmas to all of you and to all of you a Happy New Year!"

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Christmas Crap, woot! indeed. I'm digging the whole Vestibule thing. Was new to me. Glad I heard about the app so I could easily check from my grandmothers house while we were making the sacrificial food stuffs.

Now to try to forget about it for a couple weeks until my porch starts to emanate smells of doom.


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Managed to grab this one this morning (from the Vestibule) *and* it happens to be my 100th Woot! Merry Christmas to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (and all y'all too ;) )