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acanarelli wrote:A TIP: If you should order one of these units (and I think you should) you should be a little careful about ordering contact pads, which you will need. This unit comes with only 4 contact pads and they will need to be replaced in about 3 weeks, depending on how frequently you use them. It is not necessary to order them from the manufacturer or supplyer of this unit, as they are all the same. The only difference may be the price. The last time I ordered pads I paid less than $30 for more than a years supply. Just go on line and search for TENS unit supplies.

Where did you get your pads?


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Tellerj33 wrote:Where did you buy your pads?

At the time I bought mine, Woot was offering the pads on Moofi. However, Amazon carries them.


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Do read up on the stuff about not using above your neck, as in on your temples, etc. These are electrical impulses and your brain uses electrical impulses to make you work properly. There is a dangers of seizures if you introduce jolts that bridge synapses or whatever they are called. & - creative stuff, y'know!


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DanGrossman wrote:These things can "massage" more than just your back, if you know what I mean...

To be honest, that's the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this product :-)


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Also bought one of these last time it was offered. Love it. I have frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, and this unit helped me relieve the stiffness and pain in record time. My nephew uses it for his sore muscles after Martial Arts classes. I bought a tube of Spectra 360 electrode gel from Amazon and it helped with the longevity of the pads. After I remove the pads I wash them in warm soapy water, let air dry and they are good to go for another round. Make sure you apply the pads to a cleaned area, I use it after a shower. For me, the pads are reused about 5-6 times before they finally lose the adhesive backing. The batteries lasted a long time too before having to replace. I really recommend this unit.


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I use this thing often. When I first started out I was using it on level four but now rarely go above level six. When level six isn't doing the trick anymore I know it's time to change the pads. I've used it everywhere and it gives pretty immediate relief and even helps my sciatica.


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I have one and it works great now. At first only half of it worked. I opened up the case then the other side kicked on. I closed the case and it went off again. So I played around with it and now it works perfect.
I also get a little more life out of the pads by cleaning them off in the sink.


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onl331 wrote:First woot in about 2 years! I'm hoping it helps Dad's back pain!

I don't have this specific TENS Unit but the one I have has given me MUCH pain relief. I use it mostly on my arthritic knees and for sciatic nerve pain relief. I paid about $60 for mine. This seems like a good deal to me. In for 1.


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I have found that the best location to purchase Tens unit pads is on ebay. Do a search for "tens pads" and you will have a lot of choices at fantastic prices!


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Tellerj33 wrote:Where did you buy your pads?

I recommend the 2 inch pads. Do a bit of searching and they are easy to find. I purchased this unit about 2 years ago and love it.


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Can you use larger sized pads for this unit and still get the same results?


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I got one of these from Woot one of the last times around. I can confirm what most everyone is saying. It works great for my back and shoulder pain. I haven't used it on my legs though, on account of the pelt of hair.

Absolutely, buy some extra pads. The pads that came with it were kind of crappy, I think. I got a bulk order of cheap ones off AMazon, and it was a revelation. Also, I usually wipe down the area with an alcohol pad first, and occasionally clean the pads in mild water...they last a while with intermittent use. We're a rechargeable battery house, so I usually pop some fresh ones in almost every time.

I can also second what one commenter said about getting a stronger shock sometimes. I don't know if that means a defective unit or a defective user though. It usually happens when I've shifted around, so it's probably me. Take it as a testament to how well this works that occasionally it gives me powerful electric shocks but I still use it.


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Good deal on replacement pads:

Another value with better ratings:

I used one of these when I injured my shoulder/arm while swimming and it was great. Getting one for my fiancee since she always has back pain to see if it helps her.


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ParadiseDave wrote:Nope. All you will get is longer battery life. All AAA batteries put out the same voltage.

The first part "Nope" is likely correct since the electronics in this device surely regulate the voltage even with some supply variation.

However, the second part all AAA batteries put out same voltage is not correct.

Rechargeables tend to be in the 1.2 volt range while 'normal' non-rechargeable alkalines tend to be closer to 1.5 volts. Modern devices assume these differences and regulate accordingly.


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I see the TENS units / machines mentioned quite a bit and was hoping someone could link to one please for the sake of comparison of features / price / specs / etc.,etc.,
and yes, i know hot to use google quite well.... its just that ive never owned or used one of these devices outside of a pt session yrs ago. im interested but would like to know more about this TENS i keep seeing mentioned. anyone with a link?


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I shower, wipe the area with alcohol and apply the pads. Haven't tried the gel.
I don't use the unit very often, only for back muscle strain, and it works very well.
Probably used the pads 20x and they still stick all day.
I highly recommend it but I wish it came with a belt clip.


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My review (name zuma) I left on Amazon March 31, 2012:

I do like this device. But it seems to be a LOT stronger than other similar models. One poster said that the pads were too small and to purchase larger ones. This could be the problem. I found this unit to be too powerful at a setting above 2 (it goes from 1 to 10). It gives quite a shock (at least for me), when set above 3 or 4. I cannot even imagine what 10 feels like. Larger pads might distribute the electrical pulses better.

A small problem with this device is that the control wheels are on the side of it. You could easily "bump" the level from 2 to 8 giving yourself a shock. A different TENS model I purchased had the power level wheel in the center of the unit making it much harder to accidently change the level.

I read concerns about whether this is a true TENS device or not. I really have no knowledge of that but I do know when I had severe back problems about 20 years ago I finally gave in and went to a Chiropractor. She hooked me up to a TENS (or EMS?) device and it was the only thing to give me pain relieve, however temporary. It did not cure me (a muscle relaxer and ibuprofen that a MD prescribed did) but I would have paid ANYTHING to take this device home with me.

To me this feels similar to the professional unit but I certainly have no way of knowing if a $500 unit was much better than an $25 unit with my "sample of one" life experience.

This takes 4 AAA batteries unlike my other tens unit which takes a 9 volt battery. I much prefer the AAA batteries, they are a lot cheaper and I can recharge them.

One thing that I found interesting, I purchased a "Prosepra" but I received a "Prospera" device. And in the description it said "Prosepra" over and over. I see that they fixed that error now but that makes me worry a little about the quality control.

I hate polyester sheets!
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This was my first-ever Woot, and worth every penny. I have problems with chronic pain in my lower neck/upper shoulder, and this provides enough relief that I can get to sleep without popping painkillers. I start at 2-3 with new pads; when I have to go up to 7-8 to get the same effect it's time to change. I get about 15 uses out of a set of pads, washing them after each use with soap and water and letting them dry, and using a alcohol pad to clean off my skin first. I'd buy another one if I didn't already have a spare in the closet.


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georgeou wrote:I read that some people are complaining about the power level if they're used to a stronger device like the TENs which uses a 9V battery instead of a 6V (4xAAA).

I wonder if putting in a stronger lithium battery helps with slightly higher voltage boost all of the shock levels.

That reminds me of the 127V US massager plugged into 220V German outlet in the movie Top Secret.

I got mine on a previous Woot, it's not magic, it works. I'm getting another one for the parents.


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theend404 wrote:Purchased one last time this was offered on woot, or one of the last times if I missed another offering. I'd overall recommend...Count on tossing out the stock batts out of the box and then quickly getting more pads, which are actually offered in bulk for a reasonable amount. Everyone has different tolerances when it comes to this stuff but I wish it went up to 11 if you know what I mean. I don't even bother going less than full steam. Nonetheless for the offered price, have at.

I've had 3 of these units and thee have completely different intensities. You get the same intensity at level 4 in one unit as a level 10 in the other. It seems that they are very inconsistent.


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If I attach the electrodes to my neighbor's forehead, can I make him talk?


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Very sensitive to levels, one minute you are not feeling anything and next setting gives you electric shock. Will not recommend to anyone with sensitive muscles.


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I had to laugh at the timing of this deal. This morning my back was killing me and I pulled out my prospera (purchased last year on this fine site). My boyfriend woke up and said "what the hell is that?" I proceeded to wax poetic about the joys of this little machine. He rolled his eyes, rolled over, and started playing on my iPad. He, of course, went to Woot--and guess what was on sale?!!

I just bought another one. Sadly, as I get older (I'm not even 40, how can I type something like that), more stuff hurts. Prospera helps. Happy wooting


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this was in my last Bag of Cowardliness, now sitting in my pile of crap. is it really any good?


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I was able to get one of the medical TENS units thru the docs office.

If your pain has left you with disability then you should see if therapy/your doc can get you one and if your insurance will cover it.

My insurance didnt cover it but then in discussions with Empi (the maker of my medical TENS unit) they decided that I fell in low income so got the unit for free!!!

I do have to buy the pads but you can extend their life. It says on the package:

Cleanse, rinse and dry skin prior to use (forget why or if they said not to use alcohol - it might dry out the adhesive backing???).

Store in resealed storage bag in normal room temp.

Adding drops of water to gel surface (sticky side) may help restore adhesive gel. Let the electrode set for several minutes before applying to skin.


If adhesive becomes over-saturated allow electrode to air dry in refrigerator with adhesive side up until gel regains tack.


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Bought one of these from woot last year.

Doesn't work well if you have hair on your skin, like many of us humans do.


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Danger! Danger! High Voltage!

Just kidding. I may have to try one of these. Always wanted a tens unit for home.


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I know I shouldn't have thrown out the directions, but I did. Does anyone know how to change the timing setting so the default isn't 15 minutes? I like to keep this on for hours at a time (and while having to reset every 15 minutes isn't the end of the world, I'm an A-mer-ih-cun and I prefer not to overexert myself (stroking imaginary beard...hmmmm...perhaps that's why I need this unit in the first place...). Any thoughts welcome. Thanks


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I knew it was a mistake to read the comments on this device but it was like driving past a house with a naked fat man vacuuming in front of a plate glass window, horrifying but you can't not look.

Now I know some of my fellow wooters are not above using this machine in ways that might necessitate changing the pads more frequently than manufacturer specs indicate.

That this can't be unseen is made worse by my only point of reference being the nasty little avatars provided by Woot as representative of the miscreants appearance.

I hereby request that Woot provide only pics of hot girls as avatars


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diskomomma wrote:I know I shouldn't have thrown out the directions, but I did.

Here's the user manual.


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bpr2 wrote:Even though I'm almost broke, I got one of these. I've been meaning to pick one up for my knees and shoulders!

Okay guys, admit it, this is why y'all are buying this thing.

My face does that without the wires.


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Camp pranks were great and fun until they invented the
Electronic Pulse Massager.


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I bought 2 last year and the pads go bad in a hurry, where do you get replacements?


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georgenmartha wrote:I bought 2 last year and the pads go bad in a hurry, where do you get replacements?

Tens unit pad replacements:

Pad replacements

I personally purchased a one long strip (14" x 1 5/8") that worked much better than the originals that came with this device.

I hate polyester sheets!
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[quote postid="5426875" user="Tellerj33"]Where did you get your pads?[/quote

I don't remember where I purchased mine but I did buy them on line. Just do a google search for TENS unit supplies and then look for your best deal.


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rootatlocalhost wrote:That reminds me of the 127V US massager plugged into 220V German outlet in the movie Top Secret.

I got mine on a previous Woot, it's not magic, it works. I'm getting another one for the parents.

Our surgeons did what they could but it took them two hours just to get the smile off his face.


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Can I hook this up to my bird feeder to toast a squirrel ?


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yuppicide wrote:These are going right on my balls.

Don't get out much, do you? & - creative stuff, y'know!


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i got one last year, used 2 times put in the closet. I got rear ended in Feb, this thing has helped with a lot of severe back pain...think percocet bad.... best 20 bucks i ever spent

nathan birnbaum