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My mother bought me one of these from Costco a couple years ago because the wall unit my landlord put in was worthless.

Cooling: I would like to have a stronger fan into the room, but it does do its job well for the room it's in. My living room is approx 14x18 and cools from 90 degrees to 75 degrees in a little over an hour, and maintains temp quite well. It's not strong enough to cool the entire apartment, but part of that may be the way the unit is built.

Drainage: I just roll it to one of my doors so the drain overhangs the stoop and pull the plug. I do drain at the end of the season just so I don't leave water stagnant in the unit when it's not in use, but I've never had to drain it mid-summer.

Window fixture: I have tall windows that open on a crank. The fixtures that came with it were worthless to me. I bought a piece of 1/4" foam core that I cut to the size of my window opening. I cut a hole in that to accommodate the AC vent. Then I took out my screen, put the foam core in its place and taped the edges so there were no gaps.

15 Woots and counting...


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I purchased one of these last year about this time for the $229 price I believe. It worked well for me. This hose if I recall did get kind of hot, hot to the touch. I recall being a little surprised at the temp of the hose.
My problem is that the fuse blew on the unit. There is a fuse/reset button hardwared into the cord of the unit. Short of calling Sharp and having them do a service call, does anyone know how to replace the fuse? There is a screw on the hardware that once uninstalled makes the fuse swap simple. BUT, the screw head is unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen before. I work in manufacturing, and I have experience with various screw heads.
Anyone ever replace the fuse on this unit ?


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These are actually quite good for cooling a "hot spot" in a home, but the window kit is the biggest compromise. Its a P.I.T.A. to install and unless you also install a window lock at that point (of being open) you compromise security.


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dimend wrote:I bought this last time and have made 3 calls to Sharp, its pretty much useless cooling. AC is 65 degrees. My friend has a similar unit, not sharp, and air is 40 degrees coming out. Also had a broken caster when it came. It weights 87 lbs and had to get a friend to take it upstairs for me, and now they want me to haul it to a service center 20 miles because its portable!! I will be making a complaint to WOOT and my credit card if they do not come here and fix it. NOT HAPPY!

I had the exact same experience with my Sharp AC bought from Woot.


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Just a word of advice. I got one of these units from Woot and it barely cools my average size bedroom. On really a hot day it is largely ineffective. The air that is expelled does not seem cool enough compared to any other air conditioner I have ever experienced. I brought it to a Sharp repair shop and they claimed that is is behaving as designed but I an convinced the air produced is tepid at best. I think I would avoid this unit in favor or others of a different brand. You have been advised. Caveat Emptor !


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The AVERAGE price of today's Woots (Woot, Tech, Sport, etc.) is a shade under $186.


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m021302 wrote:I've had one of these for about 2 years now. I bought it as a backup for moving overseas with my job. The exhaust hose can be frustrating, but I've purchased a longer hose and had no problems adapting it to the machine. It will take a few min of work, but worth it. The hose I bought, vented properly, aka out a window keeps the room reasonably cool. I agree with the comments a window unit is better, but some roomsand windows...especially in brazil, don't accept window units. If you go the route of buying an extended vent hose, about 10-12 feet is the max the vent fan can handle and still work well. Hope it helps

Just wondering where you purchased a longer hose?


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I would not buy a refurb from SHARP again. I purchased mine in March and did not need to set it up until this past weekend. There were damaged parts which I did not know about during the 30 day warranty period. SHARP offered to sell me new ones. Nice to know that SHARP does not stand behind this product.


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I get bothered by heat extremely easily at night. Currently my temp in my apt is 70+ degrees f at night, while I STRONGLY prefer to sleep in 50-60 degree rooms. I've been taking cold showers and baths at night and going to bed with damp clothes to keep myself cool. (I'm at the top floor of a Seattle apt.)

Will this unit help my problem? I would only run it before bed in my bedroom to get the temp to my comfort sleeping zone. I would also have to deal with the net on the window.....

Please offer input.


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Is this EnergyStar rated/ compliant?


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I have almost the exact same Sharp AC unit. i use it to cool a 35 foot inclosed trailer / toy hauler when traveling. does a good job of cooling the place down and has survived rattling around in the trailer for over 4 years. although I only use it about 3 times a year for a total of 14 days so not much actual run time.


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Fare Warning.

I bought this last time it came around and received an aggressively used unit.

While it is a re-manufactured unit I didn't expect so much damage. They don't replace/repair anything on the outside of the unit. So my AC was chipped and stained and a general eye sore.

The warranty from Sharp is amended on these units to remove anything cosmetic.


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I would get one but the windows are 5 and one half high to the bottom of the windows and I don't know when the unit would arrive here and I am leaving in a few days for 2 plus weeks on vacation and no one to pick it up for me. Good price, but I will pass on it.


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Got one of these about a month back from woot, and mine arrived with one of the casters completely shattered, and another one cracked in half.

Overall, the thing works very well for cooling my bedroom.

It wouldn't be able to cool a large area, but I knew that going into the purchase.

Just drained the water on mine for the first time, and whatever the hell just came running out was an orangish sludge color. wat.


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I like mine. Just added a febreze car air freshener to it. The louvers are (careful now) flexible, and unhinge from one side easily enough, allowing me to clip the febreze unit inside the sharp unit. Louvers never move near the clip-on, and now the Sharp unit never emits that air conditioner smell that I'm sure you'd recognize (usually happens after the unit has been running for a good spell).


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So I bought 2 units. Opened 1 and set it up. After a few days of operation, lights blinking on/off. Unit will not work. I'm really upset with my purchase. Now I need to contact SHARP and hope they can repair it? I haven't opened the 2nd unit and hoping to return it to WOOT, but I have to pay for shipping.


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edmeza517 wrote:So I bought 2 units. Opened 1 and set it up. After a few days of operation, lights blinking on/off. Unit will not work. I'm really upset with my purchase. Now I need to contact SHARP and hope they can repair it? I haven't opened the 2nd unit and hoping to return it to WOOT, but I have to pay for shipping.

Sorry to hear that you received your order in the condition you described it.

If you are unable to received any assistance from Sharp, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at