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I'm a teacher. Summer begins when I walk out of school for the last time in June.


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This question depends on the part of the world where you live. Here in Alabama summer begins when the humidity hits and that is about Memorial Day. Down here you hear this a lot. "It's not the heat it's the humidity." What's the opposite of a snow bird? I have a friend who moves to a cooler area with dryer air this time of year. I had a native Alaskan friend who tells me they only have about two weeks of summer.


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Memorial Day weekend has always been considered the kickoff to summer in my family.


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In Tucson, shorts weather never completely ends; there's at least one day even in December and January when one can wear shorts at least part of the day. And 100-degree weather sometimes shows up in March, and it can stay hot well into October. But Memorial Day is special. By then, the snowbirds have all gone back home for the summer, the university has held final exams and commencement, and the streets belong to the locals again. That's the beginning of summer.


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When the working stiffs who don't get more then a week off work get to spend two weeks off and get paid for it.