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Bought these on a previous deal. Save your money. Battery life was less than dollar store brands. The ones I received were obviously past their shelf life. They are cheap, but they suck!


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bjbyers wrote:There are very few purchases on Woot I have regretted, but this is one of them. These batteries are completely junk. For example when used in a automatic soap dispenser a standard battery will last apx 6 months. These will last maybe 1 month. The only reason I haven't thrown them all away is I feel guilty filling up a land fill without using them. The good news is they don't last long at all so I should be through the two packs I ordered in no time.

Dude, 72 AAs for 20 bucks? You're getting something on the order of 5 or SIX TIMES what you would get vs. buying Energizer or Duracells in a store. So what if you have to replace them twice as often? Just don't use them in something critical, like a fire alarm or parachute opener.


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I typically wait for batteries to be in sale at Harbor Freight. Their alkaline batteries work very well and exhibit long life characteristic.
The regular price is $599 for 24 AA or AAA, but when they are on sale, the price drops to $3.99. Hard to beat 6/$1.00


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Where are these things manufactured?


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TheTimmy wrote:ahh.. in previous experiences, once you made an order, you could not order it again and would be met with a message that an order for the day has already been made. has this limitation been removed?

It's called a "cart" so we can combine items before checking out. What will those innovative folks at woot! think of next?

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Got a $300.00 doller pair of BOSE quiet comfort 15 headphones, LOVE them but AAA batteries only last about 6 hours in them so I am blowing thru batteries on a daily basis, going to stock up!

If you Don't Rescue, DON'T BREED!


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Sorry, but these are made in China! Just my own personal conviction, but I prefer to buy batteries (and anything else) that are made in the U.S.A. if possible. And you can find American-made batteries, on sale. I have had problems before with Chinese batteries leaking & not lasting long.


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sndpaper wrote:Woot!!!! How can I get ONE pack of THREE different sizes?

You got me in a weak moment. I wanna

select a size you would like, then click "add to cart."

then do that again two more times with the sizes of your choosing.

and then go select a bunch of other stuff from our many offerings of fine goods, and then check out. then, kick back and have a good weekend.

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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I'm in for a pack of 9V, AAA, and AA. I bought a ton of the Fuji batteries when woot had them last and they were good enough for the various clocks in my house but they really sucked for anything else.

I am hoping these are better as I am just about out of the Fuji batteries


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haydesigner wrote:In short, yes. :-)

Woot is now an all you can order, as much as you can order destination. (Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit there.)

Yeah just tried it will stop you...well unless you have multiple accounts


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Didn't read all the comments so sorry if this has already been mentioned. This is in response to some of the reviews saying that these do not last a long time.

From what I understand Kodak batteries like this are designed to perform well in devices that use a lot of power over short periods of time, such as digital cameras require with their flash.

So compared to an average alkaline battery, these would not last as long in something like an emergency flashlight that sits in a drawer most of the time, but would probably last longer in a digital camera or a toy that a kid is always playing with.


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zhinka wrote:Got a $300.00 doller pair of BOSE quiet comfort 15 headphones, LOVE them but AAA batteries only last about 6 hours in them so I am blowing thru batteries on a daily basis, going to stock up!

Have you tried using rechargeable Eneloops? These things aren't like other rechargeables, they work great.

here is a link of user reviews using Eneloops in your headphones