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ThunderThighs wrote:The things you guys ask....

Took a look at the white sample. Hard plastic wheels.

It is fine on hardwood floors!


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Probably somewhere in all the comments most of mine are addressed, but here goes:

I have a yellow DC33 I bought at Sam's a few years ago, mostly based on the hype and my brother (an engineer) recommending Dyson. Right out of the box I had an issue because we have rugs, not carpets - the thing screams like crazy when the beater bar becomes trapped by suction or material. The only way to stop it is pick up the vacuum and break the suction. Dyson did, in all fairness, give me some adjustments to the head, but they didn't help much.

I also do not like the cord (too much memory from wrapping) or the hose (drags the machine around when you extend it). And the "your hands never touch the dirt" is a great line, but cleaning out the canister does require digging around for stuff that gets pulled up into it.

Anyway, this might be a good unit for carpets or homes with pets, but I wouldn't buy another, especially at the regular price.


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Yzzimerized wrote:Will this work with the new iPhone 5S?

No, you must buy the iPhone 3 and iPhone 2, then combine them. You must also buy a separate holder.


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I bought one here a couple of years ago, the damn thing thing has been one malfunction after another, nobody at woot offers any support and the badger badger badgers at Dyson are no roadmap to customer service... Buy one and if is a lemon , too bad for you Jack, you become a irritant to both woot and Dyson... I suggest you pay the extra $20 and buy a new one, not a refurbished piece of crap .,worst buy ever.


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I love my in-wall built-in vacuum cleaner.

Change the bag twice a yr, is exhausted outside.

Sucks the hair off my wifes cat.


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I'd love to get a Dyson but they are ALL so HEAVY!! I've had 3 back surgeries & need one that only weighs 10 to 12 pounds. Can anyone suggest a Dyson like that?? Thanks in advance for your help.


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daveinwarshington wrote:

Sucks the hair off my wifes cat.

just ask her to shave it then.

to the woot staff member that screwed up the back2skool code so I could get a lot of nice things for free - thank you.


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jflanag3 wrote:Very unsatisfied, but using rugs instead of carpets. Sometimes, when using rugs, the worst noise I've ever heard come out of a vacuum cleaner. I called Dyson to get some resolution, but they told me that it was designed that way and there was nothing they would do about it, even though it was covered under warranty. I only have rugs, but I definitely would not buy again.

I know there are a ton of replies after this one, but I had to say that a Dyson is not necessarily the best for rugs. I have some rugs and the suction is too strong and sucks the rug to the vacuum. I get the horrible noise occasionally on rugs but usually it's because I've caught a string or edge and it's bound up the brush.


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The cord is very long and stiff, this would be a great advertisement for Viagra, but, not defining the troublesome power cord. It sounds like the Space Shuttle is being launched . The suction is so intense , I ended up pulling objects from afar .i agree, cleaning is a dirty deed', nasty pet hair get stuck up inside the cylinder and requires hands on to clean out the messy stuff..... Finally the on board tools refuse to stay on the unit.. Always falling .the hose mode doesn't stretch, that design doesn't work., often the hose tips over the vacuum ... I have an Oreck now, it too is crap...


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This thing is new! It came in an unlabeled box but looks and feels brand new. It didn't have a speck of dust, the filters were unsused and it worked great. I did a little test using my old crappy hoover on my carpet. Then I used the Dyson DC33 on that same carpet and it sucked up half a canister of dust and other stuff that had set up base in this carpet since we purchased it. Thanks woot for great deal. Dyson works great!