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Dear Fellow Wooters, Thanks for your comments! It helped me pull the trigger. I've been on Woot! since 2008 and have always found the community discussion very helpful.


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gros0148 wrote:The 70" is on Amazon new for $1598 or $1578 if you area Prime member.

This Refurb + the 1 year ST warranty is $1500. Not significant savaings over new if you want the same warranty period (new is 1 year parts and labor also).

I was thinking the exact same thing!!!


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I purchased this same 47" from Woot! about a month ago. It arrived in great condition. We have had some problems using the Netflix app which are not yet resolved. All other apps we have tried work fine, so we can't really figure out why it is just that one.

We also just noticed there are some stuck pixels which show up as a small red-ish triangle on the screen when it is black. We are looking into a resolution for this, but unfortunately we may be returning it if this is not resolved.

I think these are just fluke things that could happen to any tv, so overall we love the tv. I hope we can figure out a fix for these issues without returning it.


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I'm not having much luck with these refurbished Vizio Smart TV's .. back in April I bought a 32" that refused to power on about a month later .. I returned it to Woot and got my money back (had to pay to ship it back)

Decided I'd try again, but went with the 39" model and the picture will often be fuzzy / ghosting to where it's unwatchable .. a light tap on the top middle of the TV will solve it, but it typically comes back within 15 minutes. Not a cable problem, get the same issue while watching Netflix, have switched out LAN cables, HDMI cables, power cables, etc .. even with no cables plugged in this behavior still happens

Very frustrating