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So, mine came in on Friday but due to various and sundry reasons (hey, I got the flu!), haven't had time to get it on until now:

So we got a cool mouse, a bluetooth keyboard, a kids shirt, tabletop tripod, golf balls, a flu kit (TOO LATE WOOT! TOO LATE! Or is it too soon?) some of them bracelets, and a bag (not pictured).
All in all. Wonderful crap.


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I got :

1 crab bag
1 Slaplet with extra mini bands to use on it
1 table tripod
1 pack of Remington King of Shaves blades
1 Black Plague/Flu/Germ Protection Kit
1 Galaxy S4 case(going to a coworker)
1 kids "And That's Why you Always Leave a Note"shirt

And the Crap of the Crap

1 LED Lenser T7 flashlight, really nice
1 Akribros XXIV Watch with a really cool gear work design

Definitely worth more then 8 bucks paid

[/url] x A lot


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11x Texas air

1x crab bag

1x Yukon Outfitters Parachute Double Hammock

1x Incipio Mini Wall Charger for iPod/iPhone/iPad

1x Incipio Mini Car Charger for iPod and iPhone

1x Flu and Germ protection supplies

1x Tabletop tripod

1x Slaplet bracelet

1x random Samsung usb cable

1x bēm Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Speaker

1x "Cell Division" kids size 12 shirt


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I got mine on Tuesday, but didn't snap a pic until today. Anywho, better late than never?

The haul:
Texas air
1 Crabby Bag
1 Flu Supplies
1 Slaplet
1 FILA shirt - boy's L
1 Tabletop tripod
1 Prospera Massager
1 Package of Waterproof Training Pants for toddlers.
1 Woot Shirt, Kid's AA, size 12, Scrub, My Pretty

2 Jealous friends who watched me open this one.