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battery die out quickly, just be aware, you might need to buy a new set of battery six month later?


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I own one of these and they are awesome! Lots of power, and it was a pretty big change from the little dirt devil I used to have.


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bradinator wrote:How does this compare with the DC44?

Here's an article comparing the two:

Basically it's a bit better battery life.


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15 mins run time, then 3 hours charge time.

Not for me. Now, if it came with spare batteries, that would make it a different consideration.


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will the charger accept 220-240v? I want to use it overseas.


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I've posted on this before but - here goes! I enjoy mine !



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I have had trouble with Woot on returns as well. I don't buy anything I might have to return. It's not worth the time to fight them and eventually lose.