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Got these today, wore them for several hours, I am already thinking these are the best lightweight boots I have ever owned and wish I would have bought 2 pairs. I am already a NB fan because my foot is slightly wide and with NB I can wear 10 wide just perfect without having to go up a half size like in other brands or getting them too wide.


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Boots arrived today. Tried them on and they appear to fit great. True to my size, 11.5. Haven't battle tested them yet but, so far so good. Now I just need to find somewhere to rappel from! Living room chandelier ya think?

Update: ok yeah... wore these all day. Comfy as heck. Still haven't reppelled yet... maybe next week.

Has anyone seen my velociraptor?


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I concur. I'm so glad that, that I didn't order a half size up. These fit true to my other New Balance shoes. They are lighter in color than pictured, but they look and feel great. They hug the ankle for support. No regrets!


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I'm old enough to know what my shoe size is. I bought the 13W and they are so short that they are unwearable. They are not accurately marked. Woot customer service says "no returns for size issues"; Woot customer services says, "I should resell them on EBay." I say I should take Woot off my list of sites to do business with.


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These are very good shoes.

I've had a hard time finding decent footwear since I bought a pair of great Meindl boots 7 years ago. They're gone and practically unattainable now, but I'm happy with this New Balance pair.

"Normal" D width is not what it was before all the "one world" crap started. Now for me D is slightly tight but going wider is too loose.

I hope Woot! lets me know when these are back in stock, I'll get more, maybe two pair.

I've got 1 pair dress shoes, 1 good hikers, 1 cowboy boots, 1 pair of yard-work shoes. When my Nikes fell apart after one year of yard work these Rappels took their place. Not related to any Marcos, but... That covers me for anything, and I just don't care if anyone dislikes it

These New Balance still look ok after cutting the grass since this spring. The twisted strings work well too, don't need double knots anymore.